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How to stop toddlers from getting into electronic addiction? What are the some of Imaginative Plays for Toddlers for foster creativity? Read on to know more

By The Goddard School • January 5th, 2019
Your local park can be a magical winter wonderland that is perfect for playful learning. Create a scavenger hunt for your family to enjoy while exploring nature. You may decide to separate into teams and see how many items you can each check off before your opponents.
Here are some ideas to get you started:
Animal tracks;
Human footprints;
A tree with no leaves;
Something green;
A bird;

By The Goddard School • August 15th, 2013
Jack Maypole, MD
Infants and toddlers are like wobbly ninjas, focused maniacally on tasting and mouthing items from coins to blocks to the odd flotsam and jetsam that lives on living room floors. Parents know to beware, to police an area well…as you never know what they’ll pop in their mouth next. Infant and toddler oral fixation is…

Siblings of children with special needs struggle with things every day, and here are some ideas about how to help them keep their balance (not to mention yours)

Not sure what to pack your little one each day? Here are five easy lunches to help you out!

These more than 25 Thanksgiving activities for toddlers will keep little hands busy and out of trouble during the holiday season.

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By The Goddard School • June 7th, 2018
These simple activities can improve your child’s intellectual development
Setting children up for intellectual success later in life is high on the list of concerns for many parents, but amidst the everyday pressures of parenting , broad goals like “ making your child smarter ” can feel overwhelming and impractical. Fortunately, encouraging cognitive development doesn’t have to be…

Emergency Plumbing Atlanta A day at the park may seem like ‘just another day,’ but learning and bonding experiences flourish at the park! Pack for Safety

By Sue Adair • October 1st, 2009
There comes a day when your child will ask to sleep over at a friend’s house for the very first time. Whether because of homesickness or fear of bedwetting, sleepovers can turn into a nerve-wracking experience for children. As parents, how can you prepare for your child’s first sleepover? What should you expect
Here are some helpful tips to guide parents and children through the first sleepover.
Start somewhere comfortable. Spending the night in a strange…

hildproofing your home can be an overwhelming task. The most effective way to start is to evaluate your home, room by room, from your child’s perspective. If

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“Long days, short years.” How true these words are for parents. Several years ago, a mom with college age children said those words to me, and they resonate

Give snack time some healthy zest with these apple ring cookies!

These indoor toddler development activities will enhance skills for your growing 1-year-old.

Science just gave parents the green light when it comes to holding their infant

The holidays are filled with messes and stains. Follow the Oxi Fresh carpet cleaning handy guide on how to get cranberry sauce out of your carpets.

Looking for a spooktacular twist for your child’s Halloween snack? Try these tasty spider snacks!

LinkedIn might seem simple but these 17 LinkedIn tips and tricks are guaranteed to open your eyes to the power it has as a B2B lead generation tool.

We invite you to read along and hopefully join in as our family seeks out the real food in a processed food world. Our hope is since our family (that does not live on a farm, has two young children,…

Home safety issues including the risk of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. Here is some background along with tips on CO alarm placement and maintenance.

Most commonly used at holiday time, family newsletters are a great way to keep family and friends both near and far up to date on all of your family’s

As renters, the bathroom is one of those rooms in the home that we often just deal with, as-is

By Susan Magsamen • December 9th, 2015
Susan Magsamen is the Senior Vice President of Early Learning at global learning company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH). She is a member of the Educational Advisory Board for The Goddard School and senior advisor to The Science of Learning Institute and Brain Science Institute at Johns Hopkins University
This piece was originally published on 01/22/2015 on the HMH blog .
The more I think about it, the more I love the analogy of a “ diet…

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