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A recent study published by the RAND Corporation shows that the U.S. is lagging behind other high-income countries in traffic safety.

Features a square neckline, lace pattern, and stretchy sleeveless straps, adorned with floral details covering the bodice, and a wrap that ties at the hip. This mini dress has a ruffle effect at the hem with a lace pattern detail. In the back this dress has a cut out and a cute bow that ties at the top. Lastly there is a hidden zipper found near the lower back area.

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Get the party started with your electric moves in this seductive lavender mini dress! It features a stretch satin fabric, a V neckline with tank-top style straps, a wired bust and a form hugging fit. Includes a back zipper.

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youtu.be/LNYh9_I_xvE Whenever You Feel Lost, Call to Mari, the Basque Wind Goddess, 3 times, and She Will Come to Your Aid. It can be hard making sense out of life. Whether you listen to the confusing news broadcast or get your information on social media, you are sure to be misled. A year ago I met a web master in a FB group. We were getting along well, and then I saw he was a Christian and I am a Shaman. So I…

Bare a little skin this season in this white crop top! It features a round neckline, short rolled sleeves, a graphic that reads: "Suns out, buns out" and a cropped knotted hem.

From the importance of pacing yourself to relying on your community, there truly is wisdom in trees.

A China-led international campaign to improve trade partnerships on the other side of the world has reached around the globe to Richmond to help bring it to life.

Knowing the basics of student loan interest can empower you to make smart choices about your debt. Learn more about how student loan interest works.

Whatever your dreams may be for the future, consider tackling the following key tasks in order to realize your financial aspirations.

Sleep is universal in the animal kingdom, but each species slumbers in a different — and often mysterious — way. Some animals snooze with half their brain, w...

SAN FRANCISCO & SAN ANTONIO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The Charles Schwab Corporation announced today that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire assets of USAA’s Investment Management Company, including brokerage and managed portfolio accounts for $1.8B in cash.

PALM SPRINGS, CA - The Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, constructed in the rugged Chino Canyon on the north edge of Palm Springs, did not just happen. It required foresight, planning, financing and, most of all, vision.
As a young electrical engineer, Francis Crocker’s dream began in 1935 while he was on a trip to Banning, California,

When you tee it up at one of our nationally acclaimed Omni Hotels & Resorts golf destinations, you come away with more than just a score. From the lush, rolling hills of Pennsylvania to the legendary fairways of La Costa in California, this is golf that brings you closer to the true spirit of where you are.

Innovation is an anchor that keeps modern businesses afloat, propels growth and shields them from future risk, but its success largely depends on having a solid plan in place that includes the following.

Zumiez Best Foot Forward 2019 kicked off with a bang! Our crew is making their way through the Southeast, starting at Skatepark of Tampa and winding their wa...

The basic paradigm we live with in the Western world is “survival of the fittest”. This way of perceiving life limits so much of our creative potential, ofte...

As new legislation seeks to limit the use of IRA rollovers, there are many reasons most individuals should consider taking their 401(k) with them when they leave employment.

With the road to retirement getting more difficult to navigate, it helps to have a map of the main areas you need covered.

Collin Martin explains why bond barbells and bond ladders are two strategies to consider when the yield curve is flat.

If eczema is causing problems sleeping, find out what you can do to help your child get a good night’s sleep.

Determining the right assets to leave to your beneficiaries is critical. Here are some common asset types and considerations when selecting beneficiaries.

The former special counsel has relied on Jonathan Yarowsky, a veteran Beltway attorney who's advised a president on and sparred with Bill Barr over independent prosecutors.

Explore five traits some of the most effective special needs educators share and see if you have what it takes to be a special education teacher

Giving your children a 40- to 50-year head start on retirement can pay off for them down the line. Here’s how to set your children up for a steady retirement.

We bring you URGENT NEWS from Greece: our team was viciously attacked while trying to help donkeys on the Greek island of Santorini.

Buying a home is exciting and comes with obligations new to first-timers.