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Whether you freelance or head up a web design team or agency, you’re a professional. As such, you’re always striving to improve. Some of that continual improvement comes from keeping up with the latest technologies. Some comes with improving skills and learning best practices. Some comes with obtaining the best tools and resources you can …

Whole milk may not cause heart disease and stroke after all. In fact, it may actually protect against such risks.

'The chiropractor: Dr. Chad Steskal Benefits of chiropractic care: Beyond treating neck, back, and shoulder discomfort, chiropractic sessions can help alleviate headaches, sciatica, carpal tunnel, and even pains caused by pregnancy. Click here for answers to frequently asked questions about chiropractors
New customers only. 24-hour cancellation notice required. Appointment required. Consultation required; non-candidates and other refund requests will be honored before service provided. Fee up to…

An ongoing outbreak in Africa has created a top priority for any vaccine that can prevent Ebola. When creating an experimental vaccine to fight off the virus, researchers may have also found a way to prevent Nipah virus. A new vaccine has shown success in preventing both Ebola and Nipah viruses in early studies.

Healthy eyes are critical to your child’s development and success in school. Here are 15 warning signs that your child might have a vision problem.

Experimental treatments are nothing new to the world of science. But, even with that in mind, the recent use of rotten eggplant as a bacteriophage to create treatment for cystic fibrosis is even more unusual. The successful treatment with the rotten eggplant phages helped save a teenage girl from the disease.

If you're like most people, you want to lose weight now and keep it off. But the truth is, there are no quick fixes.

Growing up, Sam and I were always surrounded by a very close knit, large, extended family. Our many, many cousins felt more like siblings and our wonderful aunties (from both sides of the family) were constantly in and out of each other’s houses
I have wonderful memories of mum, and her sisters Rose and Dorothy, catching up at least once a week at ours, for a good old Glaswegian natter and a glass of wine. Dad’s sisters Vanessa and Lindy, with their broods…

Safety when traveling is important, but it's also key to protect your documents. For many travelers, that means a passport cover. The extra cover can protect that documents from wear and tear, cyber security problems and even deter thieves. But, even with all those perks, is a passport cover still a necessity?

The Treasury Department said it would crack down on the most popular ways for Americans to visit the island.

As well as being a month long celebration, Pride month is an opportunity to protest and raise political awareness of current issues facing the LGBT+ community
Pop'n'Olly is an LGBT+ educational resource that aims to combat ideas of prejudice or homophobia before they even have a chance to develop. One way they’re doing that is through reimagining fairy tales
Olly PIke, Pop'n'Olly fonuder explains...
For many…

While the current measles crisis is troublesome, it could get much worse by 2050. A new study predicts a possible 50% increase in worldwide measles cases at its current rate. The results have both doctors and scientists looking for changes to vaccine laws and asking if a mandatory measles vaccine would help.

While migraines are a common medical problem, your story is unique and your primary care provider can help you take control.

When it comes to feeding your good health, one of the most powerful tools at your disposal is all around you: the great outdoors.

Throughout the 20th century polio was a global health threat that the public had no way to prevent. After decades of research and unsuccessful vaccines, Jonas Salk provided a lifesaving breakthrough with his polio vaccine. Over 65 years after its creation, the polio vaccine has almost left the disease eradicated.

Virgin Orbit have completed a main stage hotfire test. Last week saw the test of what could have been the most challenging, important, successful test in the history of their LauncherOne programme
Orbit lit up their Mojave site with the final full thrust, full duration, full scale, test-flight of LauncherOne’s main stage, which used the same equipment that’ll be used on their actual flights to orbit later in the year.
The test was a complex one, and the fact it was successful was…

Hepatitis A remains one of the most common illnesses for unwitting travelers to foreign countries. But, how does a person contract hepatitis A? A variety of factors, like contaminated fecal matter getting into food or drinks or even just close contact with an infected person can help spread the virus.

Shingles can already pose enough of a problem when it starts to show symptoms. But, once this common virus spreads to the eye, it can cause some very painful and possibly permanent damage. In the last decade eye shingles has become much more common across the United States, despite the option for an effective vaccine.

Acute Rehabilitation staff orders flowers and a red velvet cake to help an Iowa couple mark a big milestone.

The Bishop Foote Guest House served as the home for Idaho’s Episcopal Church bishop and later accommodated St. Luke’s hospital patients. It got moved across the hospital campus to make way for a new building.

Some of the Methodist Jennie Edmundson Hospital Birthing Center nurses gathered Friday in memory of Noah Bellows, son of Paul and Karin Bellows, who died in 2012, six days after

Playgrounds are a great place to spend summer days. Keep these guidelines in mind the next time you go.

Congratulations go to the students named to Nebraska Methodist College Dean's List for Spring 2019.

We didn't get to our current weight overnight and it won't certainly come off overnight, either. So what can you do to cut the extra pounds?

With summer approaching, swimming can be a great way to have fun and beat the heat. But while it's lots of fun, swimming can also be dangerous. Taking the right precautions can help keep you safe and cool in the summer sun.