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Summer lasts a long time here in the Tampa Bay area. An average car tinting just won't do enough to keep you cool! Advanced Film Solutions is Tampa Bay's LLumar SelectPro FormulaOne car tinting installation company. We have high performance films that our local competition can't match! Ceramic films like Stratos and Pinnacle that stop more heat than any dyed or dyed metal combination films. Lifetime…

Our team of installers has kept up with an unbelievable pace throughout this summer providing expert applications of energy and security window film
Home and business owners recognize the value of reducing solar heat gain before it has a chance of entering homes or offices
Many suffer from glare on Hi Def TV’s and laptops and all of our clients wanted window film to lower their…

Which car film has an automatically transferable warranty
Which car film has a NO FAULT Warranty?
Which car tint has the best performi ng ceramic film made for cars?
The answer is simple: Advanced Film Solutions
FormulaOne Of Tampa Bay!
Compare our FormulaOne heat rejection to our entry level LLumar films made by the very same company Eastman Chemicals.
LLumar SelectPro FormulaOne Dealers are a breed apart.
We have the elite films in the window film car tinting industry with 20% better heat…

The ancient Florida Druids (work with me on this!) had to find a solution for the heat, glare and UV
Fortunately the wizards at Eastman Chemicals developed the innovative solar control window films that cool Florida homes and businesses.
Vista Film, LLumar, Huper Optik, and SunTek filter out 99.9% of the UV which makes every castle fade free.
Call for a free estimate and enjoy a lifetime of comfort and happiness.
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Having spent 33 years with…

For math instructor Cindy Roberts of Rasmussen College, teaching is just as much about the coursework as it is about student growth. Roberts has been teaching for the past 20 years. Quality, confidence and guidance are three key principles Roberts lives by and values day in and day out when leading her online courses—including her statistics course.

At the dawn of salvation history, God revealed our future in figures. That’s what’s going on in today’s First Reading: A king and high priest comes from Jerusalem (see Psalm 76:3 ), offering bread and wine to celebrate the victory of God’s beloved servant, Abram, over his foes
By his offering, Melchizedek bestows God’s blessings on Abram. He is showing us, too, how one day we will receive God’s blessings and in turn “bless God”—how we will give thanks to Him for delivering…

Our graphics designers and installation team can handle any project, large or small
Designer films present the appearance of frosted or etched glass at a tiny fraction o the cost of etched glass
Home applications include bathroom windows as well as clear glass doors that make your home visible from the street/
Of course conference room and glass partitioned office will also benefit with an application…

In today’s Liturgy we’re swept through time in glorious procession—from before earth and sky were set in place to the coming of the Spirit upon the new creation, the Church
We begin in the heart of the Trinity, as we listen to the testimony of Wisdom in today’s First Reading. Eternally begotten, the first-born of God, He is poured forth from of old in the loving delight of the Father.
Through Him the heavens were established, the foundations of the earth fixed. From…

Success in college doesn’t have to require a special skill set. You may discover you already have many of the traits needed to succeed. Calm your nerves by looking at our roundup of tips for how to be a successful student.

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The giving of the Spirit to the new people of God crowns the mighty acts of the Father in salvation history
The Jewish feast of Pentecost called all devout Jews to Jerusalem to celebrate their birth as God’s chosen people in the covenant Law given to Moses at Sinai (see Leviticus 23:15–21 ; Deuteronomy 16:9–11 ).
In today’s First Reading the mysteries prefigured in that feast are fulfilled in the pouring out of the Spirit on Mary and the Apostles (see Acts 1:14…

Making certain that the solution is tailored to your aesthetic requirements and performance specifications is what separates Advanced Film Solutions from the nameless competition
Advanced Film Solutions has the largest portfolio of solar and solar safety films in Florida
NFRC rated films that include:
LLumar solar and security films the most popular films in the USA
Huper Optik solar films designed to meet all deed restrictions…

You accidentally drove with the parking brake on, now what do you do? Here's what the parking brake does and what can happen if you forget to disengage it.

Owens Corning, Intel and General Mills top 20th annual cross-industry, U.S. ranking
Corporate Responsibility Magazine (CR Magazine) announced today its 20th annual 100 Best Corporate Citizens ranking, recognizing outstanding environmental, social and governance (ESG) transparency and performance amongst the 1,000 largest U.S. public companies
Owens Corning tops the ranking, followed by Intel, General Mills, Campbell Soup and HP Inc. Twenty-seven companies are new to the ranking…