Travel in Montgomery, AL

If you’ve ever worked a jigsaw puzzle, you know the frustration of not being able to find that one missing piece. Most of us could get OCD about one missing piece. We look frantically for that one small piece; in the box and box top, under the box, all around the table, under the table. … What Piece of the Puzzle Is Your Church? Read More »

By the grace of God, I have stumbled into just about every good thing that has happened to me as a minister. Growing up in the SBC, I went on exactly one mission trip as a teenager. So, coming into the pastorate I had very little experience about what mission for students should look like. … Cultivating a Culture of Missions Among Your Students Read More »

In my profession, I deal with change – a lot. Change is a six-letter word that brings fear, trepidation, and anxiety. To some, change is a dirty six-letter word. And yet, it is not change that is bad. In fact, it is not even that most people dislike change. However, we do not like change …