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Judge Dixon discusses the basics of a technology-enhanced courtroom for today’s high-tech generation and others in the legal profession that must still understand the basic setup.

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Government debt in the euro area remains one of the most serious vulnerabilities in the global financial system, according to this chart from the IMF.

In the Nigerian state of Edo, 20,000 children have returned to school since bold educational reforms began one year ago, according to the government.

On May 31, 2019, U.S. Attorney Stephen McAllister of the District of Kansas announced a $250,000 settlement with Coffey Health System to resolve a False Claims Act case. The case arose from allega…

Counterfeiting is a large problem for consumer product companies. However, U.S. counterfeiting laws are difficult to enforce against many companies because they operate outside the United States, …

This question is probably the best place to start when considering scanning a collection of records. Knowing your reasons for scanning will help you make the best decisions when planning your project.

Is there a war on e-discovery? Sounds like a paranoid notion, but the evidence is everywhere. The purpose of discovery is to exchange information bearing on matters in litigation, particularly ma…

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The Global Peace Index looks at peace around the world, including the impact of climate change and the economic cost.

Day 4 (June 6) of the 2019 WLJ Ranch Study Tour in Montana started off cooler than expected. We were watching the skies since rain was in the forecast. As

Meet the industry-leading products that are revolutionising the Survey, Geospatial, Engineering & Construction industries. Powered by KOREC & Trimble.

For World Refugee Day, the time has come to recognize how our changing climate is forcing people from their homes.

For most of us, the humble lamppost is just that. We pass them in the street every day without a thought, but the European Union believes they are the key to the future of Smart Cities.

Trimble dealer SoilEssentials will be demonstrating a suite of innovative precision farming solutions at the Highland Show, including the first UK simulation of its new ISOBUS weather station.

Trimble Locus Cloud – for Managing Spatial Data in Cloud

Is it possible to save for both medical bills and retirement? According to a 2018 Employee Benefit Research Institute report, a 65-year-old couple, both with median prescription drug expenses, may need an estimated $296,000 in savings to have a 90% c

Robotic filters are helping scientists pinpoint the scale of microplastic pollution in our oceans. And the results make for uncomfortable reading.

A decade after the collapse of the Lehman Brothers, are we sleep-walking towards a fresh crisis?

View the Catholic Relief Services Annual Report for fiscal year 2018.

Electric buses could help reduce air pollution in Jakarta, home to the world’s largest public bus system.

As public crises like obesity and environmental destruction continue to worsen, behavioural science is more vital to policy-makers than ever.

The Commission did not file any new enforcement actions this week. The agency did, however, settle or partially resolve, three pending enforcement actions
Congress again took up the question of inspecting the auditors and work papers for U.S. traded issuers. Legislation was introduced to require such action. This, of course, is nothing new. In 2002 the Sarbanes Oxley Act imposed such a requirement which the PCAOB…

In Brazil – which has a notoriously violent penal system – a non-profit organization has achieved astounding success running prisons where there are no weapons and inmates have keys.