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The holidays are a time for celebrating and appreciating time with your family and friends. But in all the commotion, it’s easy for minute details to be overlooked and lead to serious incidents. Read through this article to reveal the first step to preventing potential danger.

Accidents happen and it would be a real bummer if you had to pay for it. Check out what insurance policies would work best for you and save you a ton of money in the long run if anything happened to your apartment or belongings!

Thinking about moving to New York City? This city isn't like anywhere else in the world, actually moving here is no different! Don't stress out. We made a guide for you with some advice from our clients that have moved to NYC recently! This is for people looking for their place and city moving tips.

Vermont Business Magazine Three female founded startups were selected to receive cash awards totalling $35,000 at the seventh annual LaunchVT Demo Night. All eight startups in the 2019 cohort have been partnered with local businesses and will receive professional services worth over $100,000. Demo Night, LaunchVT’s annual investor showcase and pitch event, comes at the end of an eight week intensive program where entrepreneurs in the…

Fun brain teasers using images to form movie titles, book titles, sayings, and general pop culture references. Fun for the whole family. Includes an answer key in the back, but don't cheat unless you have to.

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Maybe you’ve heard of it. You take some bread. You spread some peanut butter on it. You put some pickles on it. You smash that motherfucker together. And now it’s a sandwich and you eat…

1. Start your own compost pile
We can show you how to cut down on your waste, save your food scraps from the landfill, and save money by backyard composting! Plus, as of July 1, 2020, everyone in Vermont will be required by law to keep their food scraps out of the trash
Food waste currently makes up about 26% of the stuff we put in our household trash here in Chittenden County. In 2016, Chittenden County households collectively trashed an estimated 161…

In Italy they have saying when they plant an olive tree: “I’m planting this tree for my grandchildren.” You see, while olive trees may start producing fruit after only three to five years of growth…

CThis is my fifth Chrism Mass here in the Cathedral of St. Joseph. Much has changed over these past five years and much has remained the same. I look out at my brother priests and see many that wer…

The Addison County Economic Development Corporation (ACEDC) is offering monthly QuickBooks Pop-Up Tutorials on the second Thursday of each month. The next session is Thursday April 11th from 5 to 7 pm . This 2 hour gathering is FREE of charge to assist with your QuickBooks experience.

What are the best flower types to give on Easter? Which flowers should you consider for your Easter party? Cole’s Flowers answers those questions and more in

You're invited to the Vermont Business Ecosystem Meetup, hosted at Community Barn Ventures in Middlebury! Whether you're an entrepreneur or small business owner in Addison County or part of the entrepreneurial network, we want to hear your thoughts and suggestions for amplifying the current business ecosystem. How can we build a more productive environment for entrepreneurs? What are the barriers or challenges? What's missing from the…

The Better Middlebury Partnership, in collaboration with the Town of Middlebury, is seeking a Digital Media Marketing Specialist. This short-term, temporary position …

What are the benefits of surprising a loved one with flowers “just because”? Cole’s Flowers discusses that and more in their new blog post.

Composer/pianist Ola Gjeilo joins the CWU Chamber Choir (Gary Weidenaar, director) in presenting Gjeilo's "The Ground" - featuring the the CWU string faculty...

Time: 6:00 p.m
1. (E) Agenda
4. Minutes
5. Finance
(E) b) Bank balances as of 2/28/2019
(E) c) FY 19 Quarter 2 Financial Information – Discussion Only
(E) d) Accounting, Reporting, Auditing & Internal Control Policy and Restricted Assigned & Unrestricted Reserve Policy – Board Action Requested: Approve Policies
6. (E) Executive Director Update
7. (E) Roll-Off Container Purchase –…

Look across the worlds of education, business, media, politics, religion and nonprofits, and it becomes apparent that leaders who flourish in one realm may fizzle or fail in another one. So which roles require the greatest skill and impose the greatest burdens? Here’s one educated guess.

We're sharing a stunning DIY Hanging Flower Wall Installation that packs a majorly impressive punch without a lot of DIY fuss!

Dear Vermont Nonprofits & Supporters
We are pleased to announce the schedule of events for this year's Vermont Nonprofit Day on February 28th in Montpelier!
Vermont Nonprofit Day (formerly Vermont Legislative Day) provides a unique opportunity for nonprofits and community leaders to:
• Learn advocacy best practices from experienced lobbyists and Legislators
• Gain insight into current legislative issues
• Celebrate the strength and value of…

Feb 15 from 5:00 - 7:00 pm
When: Friday, February 15, 2019 from 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm
What: Bring a lantern to the Marbleworks Riverfront Park at 6pm on Friday February 15th. Join family, friends, and neighbors in a beautiful procession of light around the falls. ***The Lantern Walk (6-7pm) is FREE***, family friendly, do-it-yourself community event. Come early for a ***Flatbread Buffet*** at American Flatbread ( RSVP for flatbread here ). Please spread the word
How to make a lantern: Visit…

Welcome New Board Members
MALT welcomed three new board members this January and we can't wait to see how they help us grow over the coming seasons! You can meet our full board here and meet our new board members below
For most of his life Chris Anderson has lived, attended school and worked in the Middlebury area. After graduating from the University of Vermont with a major in marketing and a minor in accounting, he worked in the banking industry for 40…

Of all the plastic produced, only 9% actually gets recycled. That means 91% of plastic DOESN’T get recycled. REDUCE, reuse, recycle.

Logic Supply, based in South Burlington, specializes in creating compact and hardy hardware that can withstand conditions anywhere from factory floors to the tops of skyscrapers.