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Scientists have discovered that the human brain can absorb information whilst asleep - and remember it when they wake up.

Rep. Joh Katko (R-NY) introduced the Harriet Tubman Tribute Act of 2019 to get the Treasury Department to place Tubman on the $20 by 2020.

Reservations are available here. On the occasion of his forthcoming book, Speech Police: The Global Struggle to Govern the Internet, Kaye takes us behind the scenes, into Facebook’s “mini-legislative” meetings, European Commission’s closed-door sessions, and meets journalists, activists, and content moderators who are paid mini-mum wage to flag hundreds, even thousands, of horrid videos on the Internet …

On Sunday, May 19, hundreds of talented dancers will compete for a coveted spot on the world-renowned Charger Girls, one of professional sports’ most respected cheer and dance teams. With the Chargers slated to play as many as four national primetime games at home in 2019, including two on NBC’s Sunday Night Football, perhaps the biggest highlight for the newest Charger Girls will be the opportunity…

Well, we’ve finally reached the end. Not an end to Brexit, but an end to Theresa May’s time as Britain’s prime minister. A deal was struck Thursday between May and senior rank-and-file members of the Conservative Party outlining a timetable for May’s departure from No.

Donald Trump, who has been called almost everything—racist demagogue, vulgar sexist, inept businessman, pathological liar, and moron—now assumes a new mantle: War Criminal. His latest steps into the inner sanctums of infamy involve his granting a pardon on May 6 to an ex-soldier, First Lt.

Liberal and progressive individuals and institutions should expect disruptions to not only continue but to increase in scale. Given the signals that the Trump administration has conveyed to the political Right—as in suggesting that it is appropriate to beat up opponents—the rabid Right feels empowered.

The roots musician is inspired by the evolving legacy of the black string band.

Orrick has advised leading location sharing app operator Life360 on its initial public offering on the Australian Securities Exchange under the ...

Get more streams by understanding the new structure and sound of popular music. Streaming platforms are measuring success through new metrics, which is changing the way musicians are creating music, which is changing the whole industry. Today music is consumed at an insane rate. The amount of music that hits my ears on any given …

Last month, I challenged myself to make a track using captured sounds from the golf course. Listen to my track and learn about my process here.

NEW YORK (AP) — Hip-hop star Cardi B is walking into the 2019 BET Awards as the most nominated act with seven, while late rapper Nipsey Hussle scored a posthumous nomination.

The PEN/Jean Stein Grant recognizes a literary work of nonfiction that uses oral history to illuminate an event, individual, place, or movement.

The PEN/Phyllis Naylor Working Writer Fellowship is offered annually and awards $5,000 to an author of children’s or young adult fiction.

Adding matcha to your diet doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. Of course, we love taking time to make preparing tea a ritual, but that’s not always realistic. If you’re dashing out the door, you might not have time to pull out your bamboo scoop, matcha whisk, and bowl to prepare a perfectly-frothy hot...Read More

Our oceans are running out of breath, and we are running out of time to save them. Could 'blue funds' be the answer?

The University of California, San Diego, Extension and the San Diego Workforce Partnership today announced the creation of an income-share agreement fund aimed at helping unemployed and underemployed people in San Diego County finance postsecondary training in high-demand fields, including business intelligence and digital marketing. Through the new Workforce Income Share Agreement Fund, an initial group of 100 students will be able to take courses in…

The efforts of tireless activists like Chi Chia-wei, who has been campaigning for gay rights since he first came out in 1975, have paid off in Taiwan.

The ranking, created by Rainbow Europe, looks at equality laws and policies, with Malta, Luxembourg and Belgium all scoring highly.

Cash Shit (feat. Da Baby), a song by Megan Thee Stallion, Da Baby on Spotify

Sultry and eye-catching, the Dazzling Illusion Bead Embellished Feather Evening Gown by Terani Couture will not let you go a second unnoticed.

Robeks Juice has opened at 1403 Research Boulevard, in the Research Row shopping center in Rockville. So if you've been looking forward t...

CVE is the anti-Muslim US government program you've never heard of. Learn more here - www.stopcve.com/ --- This video was produced by the Nikkei…

Why is Gaza attacking Israel? Are people dying? Why doesn’t Israel have technology good enough to block all of the missiles? How did this all start in the first place? These are just a handful of questions that we’ve heard from kids in the past few days as Israel has faced regular rocket attacks from …

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