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Talk about sticking the landing. Imagine flying 580,000 to the Moon and back and landing within two miles of your target in the middle of the ocean.

We can’t focus exclusively on whether or not we’re good at something. Using some of our gifts can drain our energy.

Like many organizations, we meet once a week to get a status report on our current projects, discuss any management changes needed and, most importantly, find out how we might...

How to infuse healthier ingredients like whole grains and protein while maintaining the taste and texture that breakfast consumers want is a driving force in the frozen breakfast products market, consisting of core morning toaster options like pancakes, waffles and French toast.

Airbus-owned Voom confirms that it will expand its on-demand helicopter service from Latin American to the U.S. and Asia in 2019.

The third volume of the Book Industry Charitable Foundation’s Bookseller Stories newsletter featured a bookseller who reached out to Binc for financial help after their utility company threatened to turn off the heat in their house.

If you were on social media this morning, you likely saw many of the jaw-dropping video clips of an explosion at a South Philadelphia oil refinery.

Forky, the handmade spork doll in ‘Toy Story 4,’ is being mass-produced as toys IRL, undercutting the film’s message about the magic of childhood DIY crafts. So I made my own Forky.

Maine lawmakers adjourned for the summer after failing to pass a $239 million bond package proposed by Gov. Janet Mills to fund broadband expansion and infrastructure repairs.
The package remains on the table after failing to get a two-thirds majority in the Legislature, with Mills indicating she might call lawmakers back into session later this year to address the unfinished business.

Understanding art is about empathy, but can we have empathy when we have no idea how machines even perceive the world?

Maine's only professional opera company has reached a “mutual agreement” to end conductor Stephen Lord’s work for the troupe, after sexual harassment accusations against Lord became public.

Nearly 200 business, economic and nonprofit leaders gathered at the Augusta Civic Center Thursday for a brainstorming summit on how to strengthen the state's economy — the public kickoff of an effort aimed at forming a 10-year economic plan for Maine
A public/private partnership will be necessary to make the plan work, Bruce Wagner, chairman of the plan process steering committee told the group.
"Don't think of it as being the state's plan," Wagner, who is CEO of the Finance Authority of Maine,…

The fast food chain is also testing voice-activated drive-thrus and automated beverage systems to decrease wait times and improve customer service and employee satisfaction.

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“They’re billion-year evolutionary machines,” says an MIT researcher who is developing ways to turn houseplants into functioning sensors.

AVOL Kentucky has been on the front lines of the HIV/AIDS epidemic for more than 30 years
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This bold mission for AVOL Kentucky aligns our work with many “calls to action” recently emerging in communities throughout the Nation. We encourage people, organizations, formal and informal groups, elected officials and others in the community to do whatever it takes to get Kentucky’s numbers to specific…

At Cannes Lions, the ‘Jurassic World’ and ‘Thor: Ragnorok’ star shares his approach to commercial work, why he’s killing it on Instagram, and more.

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