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These countries are leading the charge towards a cleaner environment, and they each have their own innovative approach.

Is your linen closet 2 steps away from being declared a natural disaster? Summer is a great time to organize that space! Here are the answers to the top 5 questions and struggles with organizing

This barrette is a cut above the rest. Just don't wear it to the airport! Barrette made in France Acrylic made and assembled in USA Measures 4" handle to tip

Last year's Black Panther film presented the inspiring vision of a technologically supreme Africa – but progressive financing is needed to set it moving forward.

DIY thrift store painted box makeover with spray paint and Chalk Couture silk screen transfers for a quick decorative touch!

Find out how and when babies can get sunburned, how sun damages your baby's skin, and how to protect your baby from the sun's burning rays.

The scale of a humanitarian crisis is often expressed in statistics, but it is better measured in the lives and fates of real people, writes Filippo Grandi, head of UNHCR.

With Botswana decriminalising gay sex, Bhutan taking the first steps to do so, and Ecuador now approving same-sex marriage, there have been many milestones for LGBT+ rights around the world.

For most of us, the humble lamppost is just that. We pass them in the street every day without a thought, but the European Union believes they are the key to the future of Smart Cities.

Digital technology can rapidly transform how countries provide services such as education and health to their citizens, writes Nandan Nilekani.

Every now and then, the above photo of a Morgan Freeman look-alike in Guanajuato, Mexico, comes back to make the rounds on Mexican Twitter. Today was one of those days. I don’t know about you…

A decade after the collapse of the Lehman Brothers, are we sleep-walking towards a fresh crisis?

As the majority of the world's population moves to cities, will we see a shift in soft power away from nation states?

This year's annual Tropical Forest Alliance meeting in Bogotá, Colombia, was honest about the challenges we face in halting deforestation - but there were reasons for optimism, too, as well as a three-point plan to create a sustainable future for the planet's forests

As the most widely used herbicide in the world, glyphosate can make its way into processed foods after being applied to weeds.

Researchers used a video game which required volunteers to spot deer like hunter-gatherers in different environments. The results could have lessons for humans today.

Once the first early-adopters have made their move, hydrogen technology will quickly propagate elsewhere, writes energy development expert, Dr. Yongping Zhai.

Companies need to think beyond marketing gimmicks and celebrity endorsements to succeed in an increasingly sophisticated marketplace.

Africa has vast untapped potential for agriculture and food production.

Entrepreneurs must start by trying to solve a real problem and build in consumer safety features from the outset.

With the European share of global manufacturing exports shrinking, companies must ensure they address the R&D gap and plan for the future.

These small living room ideas will help you decorate and enhance your space to fit your style. Check out our Living Room Upgrades playlist for more tips: htt...

Watch NOW on The Design Network: www.thedesignnetwork.com/series/neat-freak/ The nursery can quickly go from calm to chaotic. At this early stage, it...

Companies wishing to join the new national exchange for Scotland must display high moral standards and have a positive social impact.

Pride Month, celebrated every June, is when the world’s LGBTQ communities celebrate the freedom to be themselves. This year marks 50 years since Stonewall.

Hello Remodelaholics! Have you been taking advantage of the warm weather and getting to work on all your DIY projects? We would love to see! You can show them off by emailing us at hello@remodelaholic.com,

Slip and falls are often viewed as less serious than other personal injuries. However, unintentional falls can result in devastating, life-altering injuries

Brazil-based designer Jean de Just is known for his use of color, and this apartment is a taste of the rainbow.

It is 2019, and Bayer-Monsanto is still struggling to prove that Roundup is not linked to cancer. But two significant jury verdicts say that it is.

Bluebonnet Elementary School students will get a jump start on their summer reading thanks to the help of a local law firm.Attorneys and legal assistants

My two other babies never took bottles, so it was intimidating giving bottle-feeding a shot the third time around. But if she takes this bottle, I can get a break once in a while.