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Computational advertising has been studied to design efficient marketing
strategies that maximize the number of acquired customers. In an increased
competitive market, however, a market leader (a leader) requires the
acquisition of new customers as well as the retention of her loyal customers
because there often exists a competitor (a follower) who tries to attract
customers away from the market leader. In this paper, we formalize…

Peer grading systems make large courses more scalable, provide students with
faster and more detailed feedback, and help students to learn by thinking
critically about the work of others.e., randomly compare it to a TA grade)
with a fixed probability. In this work, we introduce a mechanism that spot
checks students in a way that depends on the grades they report, providing the
same incentives at…

Stable matching, a classical model for two-sided markets, has long been
studied with little consideration for how each side's preferences are learned
With the advent of massive online markets powered by data-driven matching
platforms, it has become necessary to better understand the interplay between
learning and market objectives. We propose a statistical learning model in
which one side of the market does not have a priori…