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Complexity of voting manipulation is a prominent topic in computational
social choice. In this work, we consider a two-stage voting manipulation
scenario. First, a malicious party (an attacker) attempts to manipulate the
election outcome in favor of a preferred candidate by changing the vote counts
in some of the voting districts. Afterwards, another party (a defender), which
cares about the voters' wishes, demands a recount in…

We consider the problem of two-player zero-sum game. In this setting, there
are two agents working against each other. Both the agents observe the same
state and the objective of the agents is to compute a strategy profile that
maximizes their rewards. However, the reward of the second agent is negative of
reward obtained by the first agent. Therefore, the objective of the second
agent is to minimize the total reward obtained by the first agent. This problem
is formulated as a min-max…

We model and study the problem of assigning traffic in an urban road network
infrastructure. In our model, each driver submits their intended destination
and is assigned a route to follow that minimizes the social cost (i.e., travel
distance of all the drivers). We assume drivers are strategic and try to
manipulate the system (i.e., misreport their intended destination and/or
deviate from the assigned route) if…

In this work, we study the interaction of strategic players in continuous
action Cournot games with limited information feedback. Cournot game is the
essential market model for many socio-economic systems where players learn and
compete without the full knowledge of the system or each other. In this
setting, it becomes important to understand the dynamics and limiting behavior
of the players. We consider concave Cournot games…

The rapid evolution of the blockchain community has brought together
stakeholders from fundamentally different backgrounds: cryptographers, protocol
designers, software developers, startup entrepreneurs, corporate executives and
investors, academics of various disciplines, and end users. The result is a
diverse ecosystem, presently exemplified by the development of a wide range of
different blockchain protocols. This raises questions for policy and decision
makers: How do different protocols compare? What…

New Homes in the Houston Area
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Computational advertising has been studied to design efficient marketing
strategies that maximize the number of acquired customers. In an increased
competitive market, however, a market leader (a leader) requires the
acquisition of new customers as well as the retention of her loyal customers
because there often exists a competitor (a follower) who tries to attract
customers away from the market leader. In this paper, we formalize…

Gaston was passionate about certain causes, particularly those that dealt with helping children.

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