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Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) are providing more flexible wireless data
services to attract subscribers and increase revenues. For example, the data
trading market enables user-flexibility by allowing users to sell leftover data
to or buy extra data from each other. The rollover mechanism enables
time-flexibility by allowing a user to utilize his own leftover data from the
previous month in the current month. In this paper…

An effective way for a Mobile network operator (MNO) to improve its revenue
is price discrimination, i.e., providing different combinations of data caps
and subscription fees. Rollover data plan (allowing the unused data in the
current month to be used in the next month) is an innovative data mechanism
with time flexibility. In this paper, we study the MNO's optimal multi-cap data
plans with time flexibility…

This paper gives a theoretical model for design and analysis of mechanisms
for online marketplaces where a bidding dashboard enables the bid-optimization
of long-lived agents. We assume that a good allocation algorithm exists when
given the true values of the agents and we develop online winner-pays-bid and
all-pay mechanisms that implement the same outcome of the algorithm with the
aid of a bidding dashboard. The bidding…

Cooperation is critical in multi-agent reinforcement learning (MARL). In the
context of traffic signal control, good cooperation among the traffic signal
agents enables the vehicles to move through intersections more smoothly
Conventional transportation approaches implement cooperation by pre-calculating
the offsets between two intersections. Such pre-calculated offsets are not
suitable for dynamic traffic environments. To incorporate cooperation in
reinforcement learning (RL), two typical approaches are proposed to…

The article provides a solution algorithm for the linear programming problem
(LPP) with the latter being presented as an antagonistic matrix game so the
game's further solution is based on the iterative method. The algorithm is
presented as a computer program. Having applied necessary accuracy, the author
has researched the solution assessment convergence rate in relation to the
actual value. Program implementation demonstrates high rate of…

We study oligopolistic competition in service markets where firms offer a
service to customers. The service quality of a firm (from a customer's
perspective) depends on the level of congestion and the charged price. A firm
can set a price for the service offered and additionally decides on the service
capacity to mitigate congestion. The total profit of a firm is derived from the
gained revenue…

We investigate a class of weighted voting games for which weights are
randomly distributed over the unit simplex. We provide close-formed formulae
for the expectation and density of the distribution of weight of the $k$-th
largest player under the uniform distribution. We analyze the average voting
power of the $k$-th largest player and its dependence on the quota, obtaining
analytical and numerical results for small values…

Based on this decision, even if that language is not included in an agreement, courts must interpret it to restrict arbitration to the employee's individual claims.