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Of the issues that could cause problems if overlooked, plumbing is one of the most devastating, and one of the most commonly overlooked in home inspections.

U.S. Treasury yields were largely unchanged last week, as U.S. tariffs against Mexico were not implemented.

Just how dangerous IS animal infestation? Here is exactly what could happen to you and your home if an animal infests...

Flash flooding has long been an issue for some parts of Fort Worth. The city estimates it could cost $1 billion to revamp the stormwater system. We want to know if the problem is growing or evolving. If you've experienced flash flooding, high water or other stormwater issues let us know.
You can also contact city reporter Luke Ranker at

When considering a new water heater, the type of fuel it consumes may play a factor in the choice you make. There are 5 basic water heaters to choose from.

U.S. Treasury yields continued declining last week, despite improved sentiment.

There is no shortage of acronyms when it comes to responsible investing. To help investors better understand ESG investments, Nuveen and ETF Trends will discuss why responsible investing matters to the investment process and how it can be used within client portfolios.

I’m Jeff Davis. To reach the finals, you need to have a great offensive strategy. And just like your favorite basketball team, at Davis Law Firm we play offe...

EECU is a not-for-profit credit union, owned by our members. We offer everything you’d expect from a financial institution, but it’s our commitment to delivering value, focus on supporting your community, and delivering a faster, friendlier personalized experience that truly reflects the EECU difference! Come visit us & open an account today.

If you are bit by a wild animal or bit by your pet, these are the steps you should immediately take following the attack. Most animal bites will lead to no s...

Several sources can cause faucets to become difficult to turn over time. Luckily fixing a hard-to-turn faucet is a quick repair any homeowner can do.

Get the NEW BIKE you have been wanting NOW! Bring your bike in TODAY to any of our FOUR convenient locations and we will let you know what your bike is worth and apply it to a new bike in store!

In an adorable video posted to Facebook on Tuesday, 18-month-old Kingston has a full conversation with his father - stand-up comedian Deztin Pryor, 26, from Clarksville, Tennessee.

Mt. Vernon ISD’s decision to hire Art Briles was met with predictable scorn from a media that has taken the easy way on this can’t-miss storyline.

A wild finish to a game between the Baltimore Orioles and Texas Rangers including a three-homer games, a six-RBI game and a pitcher’s first game since 2015. But it can’t overshadow the Drew Smyly problem.

Drew Smyly didn’t give the Texas Rangers much of a chance Tuesday night against the Baltimore Orioles, MLB’s worst team. They scored seven runs in 3 1/3 innings against the struggling left-hander.

The Kennedale, TX, independent school district decided not to discipline the superintendent after a family complained their son was racially targeted by the official. The decision was made at a board meeting.

Which animals act the most like us humans? Which creatures have the closest behavior or DNA to us humans? We humans are a unique species unlike a lot of the ...

Cody Freeman is an infielder from California who is expected to sign with the Texas Rangers. His father, Greg, lived down the street from manager Chris Woodward growing up, and the two played baseball together.