Food & Fun in Kansas City, KS

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June marks the beginning of National Dairy Month and we though we'd take this opportunity to share some fun facts about the industry and our 4-legged friends,

The Performing Arts Series at JCCC presents Broadway blockbusters to classical music, plus international celebrities.

Few choices require more thought and careful research than choosing the right college. Learn here how to make the best choice of for you.

Is Greta Van Susteren right in taking universities to task for building "huge libraries" and in characterizing them as "vanity projects" that have been obviated by the growing online availability of books and other scholarly resources? Obviously not -- that's the position of an ignorant philistine. Except...

The case involved a Navy reservist who claimed his civilian employer fired him because he was mobilized and deployed to Afghanistan.

Joint Chiefs chairman praises American Legion for its role in serving communities and honoring the sacrifices of the fallen.

We’ve divided this year’s Best of Kansas City into a celebration of the best of the day (people and places, goods and services, sports and rec) and best of the night (food, drink, arts and entertainment). Tell us your favorites.

I was a bit taken aback when I opened the gospel reading in the lectionary for today and found that it told the story of the Annunciation—the announcement that Mary is to give birth to the Son of God.

Literature for kids hasn't always been focused on the magical and whimsical. We take a three-century tour through the history of children's books in the classroom.

Earlier this year it became clear that Harper Lee had extensively revised To Kill a Mockingbird on the advice of her editor. That made us wonder: How much do editors shape the books we read?

He knows no greater sadness than the end of a book. "The Snuggle Is Real" baby apparel: Instagram: