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Glass fused to steel or bolted steel tanks are preferred over concrete tanks, pre-stressed concrete storage tanks and welded steel tanks.

Goals are the foundation of a solid book marketing plan. They provide a target at which to aim, the standard against which you can gauge your company’s progress. They divide your vision statement into manageable steps and provide a path to its realization. And written goals provide a means for looking back to see how far you have come
If all these benefits of setting goals are true, how can goals be of no value? Goal-setting is a tool, and like any other…

A look at the state of hybrid publishing and what's at stake for authors.

Adams Publishing Group, the Greeneville, Tennessee-based media company that owns several newspapers throughout the region, announced Monday that it is unveiling a revamped publication to advertise Eastern Idaho real estate

After more than a quarter century, the Boston staple's publisher announced the magazine was closing.

PANAMA CITY, Fla. - A group of fifth graders at Palm Bay Prep have published a book, each child contributing their own account of Hurricane Michael.

Dayton Superior's Bearcat Bolt is a multi-use, high strength, reusable drill-in screw anchor. This anchor utilizes a pre-drilled hole and self-taps into the ...

The probability to publish unknown author by any traditional house is very low nowadays until they see a good number of sale from your book

CST Industries, Inc. teams up with Conversion Technology, Inc. (CTI), IEP Technologies, and The Tennant Company to co-host an educational seminar on the ever-growing topic of dust hazards, design approaches and retrofit issues.

Welcome to Adopt A Highway Litter Removal Service of America, We are a marketing and management company for Sponsor-A-Highway programs throughout the US.