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These findings in mice might change the way humans manage exposure to high levels of radiation, for cancer treatment or space exploration

I found the staff to be very friendly and Crystal did a excellent job cleaning my teeth. I feel I had the most thorough examinations by Dr Mullins and Crystal that I have ever had. I was very pleased with my first visit.

The East African country's campaign to end cervical cancer through the HPV vaccine has had to overcome cultural taboos and rumors about infertility -- but it's saving lives.

More than 80,000 cancer cases diagnosed each year in the U.S. may be tied to an unhealthy diet, according to a new study.

JOI has 34 of the Top Orthopedic surgeons, learn what an orthopedic physician does at JOI in Jacksonville FL. JOI Rehab can help if you have Low Back Pain

Your teeth were once naturally white and bright. Wouldn't it be great to keep them that way all of your life? Unfortunately, everyday living can dim our smiles. Food, coffee, some juices, and soft drinks can stain your teeth. Poor brushing and flossing can also leave tooth stains. Injuries to teeth or gums can cause some yellowing as well, and in some cases, medicines can discolor teeth
So, you may need some extra help to maintain or restore your teeth's natural beauty. Here…

It’s common for toddlers to be wary of strangers, but their first experience at the dentist shouldn’t be a scary one. Dr. Richard Mullens and Dr. James Nguyen and our team have five tips for you to make your child’s first visit to our office easy as pie
Bringing your child to one of your own appointments before his or her first dental visit can calm your little one’s nerves. This gives your son or daughter the opportunity to get familiar with our…

"Smallholders represent both the best custodians of our food basket and the largest number of targeted consumers under the SDGs."

West Florida Healthcare and its medical partners have a new ambulance designed to help and transport children and babies to hospitals

Posted by: Bryan Campbell, DCMS Chief Executive Officer
No, this has nothing to do with the Florida St. Seminoles or even sports for that matter
The Florida Legislature will NOT be ending session tomorrow as scheduled, and that’s because the House and Senate were unable to come to a resolution on the state budget in time. By Florida Law, that means they will head into an extra day of session on Saturday to finalize the budget and last minute issues. Many of those…

What Are The Best Quick Energy Foods? Our PT lists the top 8 foods you should eat before working out.

New mothers will learn how to change diapers and function on minimal sleep, but they might not anticipate having difficulty breastfeeding.