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From now until the end of Feb 2018, when you buy any six-session packages of laser hair treatment for a large area, you will get a six-session package of laser hair treatment for a small or medium area for FREE!

Distance and explosiveness are often the only ways teens know how to communicate when things get intense. Here’s the secret to communicating effectively.

Back pain kicked in during high school, and by the time Talia Ryan was in college, she could even sit up to eat. Her search for a back surgeon led her to UCI Health.

At Rice Dentistry, we have invited to work as our in-house specialist on dental implants. Some dentists place their own implants. We believe that it’s important to give our patients the benefit of a specialist’s expertise on a procedure as complicated as . Other dentists also use an oral surgeon or periodontist to place dental …

Bring a lighter, healthier potato salad to the next picnic.

Difficult, uncomfortable or frequent urination is common and treatable.

Chip manufacturers look to continually improve device speed, reduce power consumption or reduce costs by moving to smaller nodes. Advanced Energy can help.

The WHILL four-wheel-drive “personal EV” offers increased mobility for elderly or disabled travelers.

One of the things that makes Irvine such a dynamic community is the prevalence of young professionals who are drawn to the area because of the many exciting, challenging, and lucrative tech jobs in the area, like Spectrum.

Advanced Energy continues to provide solutions to help support the flat panel display manufacturing process. Read more how Advanced Energy can help you.

If you're not happy with your yellowed smile when you look in the mirror, come to Cypress Dental for whiter teeth in Covina, California.

Dr. Elham Jafari live on CBS LA with Amy Johnson, Cosmetic Procedures in Los Angeles

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