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"I'm going to be on the lookout for you," the former president told the kids at Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy. "You're going to do something important. You're going to make a real difference."

Kroger and Walgreens are teaming up with UPS and waste management firm TerraCycle on a grocery delivery system.

We lost our neighborhood bakery, and now I’m trying to fill the void.

The National Labor Relations Board is revisiting the controversial 2016 ruling that allowed graduate student workers at private universities to form unions, reigniting a fight at some of the nation's most prestigious universities.

One of the things that strikes me about snowplow parenting, the helpful term highlighted by the college admissions scandal, is that it assumes the parents will always be around to do the plowing.

Farmers in southern Ohio are moving from growing soybeans to selling or leasing land to solar projects.

"I’m planning on shooting up a public place soon," Christopher Cleary wrote on Facebook. The case tested the courts' ability to balance First Amendment rights with public safety.

When Stefan Kuhnigk mistakenly spilled a cup of coffee during a work meeting, he thought the mark it left on his paper resembled a monster. He grabbed a pencil. The rest is history.

If you are a sexual harasser who wants to escape consequences, or a businessperson who habitually plays close to ethical lines, your hour has come.

The president has signaled that he may invoke emergency authority to complete weapons sales that lawmakers have temporarily blocked.

A New York designer is using 3-D stamps to replace slave owner Andrew Jackson’s face with the woman who escaped slavery and led hundreds of others to freedom.

Ivie who is married with two children and three Golden retrievers, said he felt like he was "living someone else's life." So he decided to go public with his sexuality — and years of struggle.

House Democrats agreed to suspend deadlines for the president’s accounting firm to hand over his records, pending an expedited review by the federal appeals court in D.C.

The storm came as a surprise to some. In Tuesday’s outlook, Jefferson City was listed by the Storm Prediction Center as having a “marginal risk” of severe weather Wednesday.

The CDC operates a Do Not Board list to prevent people believed to be a public health risk from getting on planes.

The bill would ban the transfer of F-35s to Turkey as long as it continues to buy air defense systems from Russia, but is silent on Saudi Arabia’s Yemen campaign — and replenishes funding Trump diverted to pay for the border wall.

Should families who didn't benefit from Smith's generous gift of paying off the student loans for the class of 2019 Morehouse graduates feel as though they missed out?

A million Uighurs are held captive in what Chinese authorities call “reeducation and training” camps.

You must understand what your business wants to be and where it wants to go in order to market it effectively.