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3 Reasons to Choose a Job at Camp Instead of a Summer Internship
January 23, 2017
Tom Rosenberg, President/CEO
Spring semester is now in full swing; so, if you are a college student, you may already be thinking about what internship position you want to secure for the summer
But instead of an internship, consider taking on a different kind of summer job – one at camp.
If you are unsure whether that is the right choice for you, here are three reasons…

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The Doldrums of Camp: Overcoming the Mid-Summer Slump
July 11, 2017
Tori Barnes
As a camp director, when the middle of the summer drew near, I found myself gathering my leadership team to prepare for a possible journey through "the Doldrums." In the children’s novel, The Phantom Tollbooth, a young boy, endlessly bored by the world around him, gets stuck in the Doldrums — a colorless place where nothing gets done, nothing ever changes, and no one is allowed to think or laugh…

How to Plan a Wildlife Adventure
July 10, 2017
David Mizejewski
All summer long, the National Wildlife Federation is holding the Great American Campout, a celebration of using camping to connect to wildlife and nature. Here, naturalist David Mizejewski offers tips to assist camp staff in planning wildlife experiences for campers
One of the most exciting parts of camping is the chance to experience the wonderful…

Knowing How to Play Requires Strategy and Structure
Greg Cronin, CCD
May 2017
Play is an important part of how children grow. It is a universal phenomenon that has been passed down from generation to generation as a societal, expressive, and educational practice. Developmentally, it provides an opportunity for younger children to create and rehearse fundamental skills such as learning how to walk or to understand…

New Camp Industry Research Series, Part 4: What Camps Are Doing to Foster Health & Wellness
May 30, 2017
Melanie Gauci, MS
This blog is part of a series that gives a snapshot of the results of the Sites, Facilities, and Programs survey completed by 2,426 ACA-accredited camps
The final bell of the school year rings and excitement is in the air. No more homework, outdoor play is no longer constrained to a fifteen-minute recess, and the opportunities are endless. Seems perfect, right?…