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Fish is a low fat, high protein food that has a range of health benefits. However, given what we know of fish and its sources today, that's not always true.

Death has long been taboo in an American culture that values youth, but an open conversation online can increase our enjoyment of life and understanding of its eventual end.

Thyroid Diet: Improving Your Thyroid Health With These Simple Choices

Financial issues? Pressured in the workplace? Strained family relationships?Now here’s something else to fret about. You’re likely packing on the pounds. It is estimated that about 85 percent of all...

Are you interested in losing weight? Whether you would like to improve your health, improve your appearance, or do both, you may be interested in finding weight loss programs to use. When it comes to...

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Bike safety is important. If you're out for a ride or are teaching your kids how to ride, these tips can help keep you and your family safe.

Summer is here, and as people start heading back outside to enjoy the sun, they face an increased risk of injury. Find out how you can avoid hurting yourself.

Sports physicals are often required by schools to allow your child to participate. Make the most out of the visit by being prepared with these five tips.

Learn the different symptoms and treatment options for the three main types of ear infections, and ways you can prevent them.

It is easy to get sick while traveling, take a look at these healthy travel tips to keep your health on track.

Have you or your kids ever gotten strep throat? An annoying virus, it can cause a pretty sore throat. A Banner Health expert gives the details about it.

A vegetable diet has long been considered as the best way to lose weight. See the top 10 vegetables that are low in fat and ideal for weight loss diets.

Facebook Cloning Explained Facebook cloning describes a technique in which scammers create a fake Facebook profile by using images and other information…

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Does your family know how to stay connected if disaster strikes? Emergency contact cards can serve as a lifeline to your children. Create yours and print them out today.

According to Trend Micro, Apple will no longer be providing security updates for QuickTime for Windows, leaving this software vulnerable to exploitation.

While many skills have become obsolete in the digital age, map reading remains an important tool for building children's spatial reasoning skills and helping them make sense of our world.

Find out more about how hospice works and how it can bring comfort to your loved one and your family.

This Thanksgiving menu includes Asian-American Thanksgiving recipes like wasabi deviled eggs, soy-sauce-and-honey-glazed turkey and more.

Families can find a wide variety of Halloween costumes at Goodwill, with "scary savings" on characters ranging from superheroes to zombies.

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