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Middle school science teacher, Laura Tyler has been advocating for environmental education, in her words, “long before it was trendy.” Thirty years ago, she helped start Seattle Public School District’s recycling program. In the years since, she has continued in a leadership role, serving on the board of Washington Science Teachers Association, the Seattle Schools Next Generation Science Standards adoption committee, and elsewhere. Today, she takes…

KPMS students learn how to make a difference and earn credit for an end-of-year reward.

Teachers have many options once they receive their degree or certification. They can choose elementary, middle or high school, or a specific subject in which t

Carpet or hardwood? Your heart (and feet) say carpet, but your head says hardwood. Here are 5 reasons to go with your heart for your home’s flooring.

Working from home? These tips will help you be more productive when working, and will help you create a home office made for efficiency and comfort.

Dawn Barnes knows firsthand that not all students learn at the same pace. December’s teacher of the month is the Title I and Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

Did you know that ice dams are dangerous and can harm your home? Learn all about ice dams and how to prevent them at HouseLogic. Visit today!

Ready for the onslaught of holiday guests? Find out what guests really notice, get cleaning tips and learn how to make eco-friendly homemade cleaners.

It won’t take an “instant,” but it will save you time in preparation and cleanup — with delicious results.