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Testosterone Replacement Therapy is proven to increase strength and muscle mass. Read the article to find which methods of treatment are superior.

If you’re looking for a natural sleep aid, consider acupuncture. Learn how this ancient Chinese practice may help you score more shuteye.

Laugh and enjoy time with good company each day–it’s beneficial for your health
For years, Readers Digest featured the column “Laughter, the Best Medicine.” It contains jokes, riddles and humorous musings designed to tickle the funny bone. But just how important is laughter to our everyday health
Turns out that when we laugh we produce natural killer cells which destroy tumors and viruses. Plus there’s an…

Research indicates testosterone replacement may be safe for men with a history of prostate cancer—find out more.

Learn the facts about Testosterone Replacement Therapy—its benefits and risks—based on current scientific research.

Read how leaders from Mayo Clinic, Mount Sinai Health System, ProMedica Health System and Woman's Hospital are dealing with healthcare consumerism.

acupuncture has fewer side effects than most medications you might take for fibromyalgia, including steroids and pain relievers. the side effects that do happen are minor.

Many chiropractors and other natural healing disciplines suggest fasting from time to time as a means to cleanse the body and rid it of toxins so it functions better. Critics of fasting say that it starves the body and that regular sleeping and periods in between eating are enough to give the digestive system the rest it needs. So…whom do we believe
Fasting has been practiced for centuries, for both religious and therapeutic reasons, and is well documented in Biblical accounts. It involves…

Healthcare organizations sometimes assume that the same logic and discipline to manage patient populations under P4P/upside risk contracts can be applied to downside risk contracts. But the two require very different strategies and capabilities.

Jonny Brownlee reveals his plan to acclimatise for the heat of the Tokyo Olympics by training in the conservatory at his Leeds home.

Acupuncture stimulates the balance and flow of Qi energy that in Traditional Chinese Medicine is considered essential to health.

Learn how nutrition and hormones are connected. Your diet affect absolutely affects testosterone and other hormones. Read the guide now.

Memory loss can be stressful and upsetting. Find out how staying active and engaged can help.

England captain Eoin Morgan tells one of his predecessors Michael Vaughan how he helped turn around the one-day fortunes of the World Cup favourites.

Scoliosis does not automatically warrant a surgical solution. More and more people diagnosed with scoliosis are seeking non-surgical solutions, and for good reason.

The use of technology is so ubiquitous is today’s society, it’s no wonder that more individuals are experiencing pain around their neck and shoulders than ever before. “Tech neck”, along with other less than ideal habits including a sedentary lifestyle and poor posture often create a perfect storm of chronic, painful muscle tension. If left ... Read moreSuffering From “Tech Neck”? Physical Therapy Can Help

We often underestimate what music can do for us in terms of productivity. But why is music so important for your motivation? Let’s find out.

A complete guide to low estrogen in women that answers questions about causes, symptoms, and treatment options — click to read the free guide.

National Pretzel Day is April 26, 2019, and several pretzel stores are offering free pretzels at their local outlets. Find the pretzel shop near you.

Concerned about your breast cancer risk? Here are everyday health habits you can adopt to improve your odds.

If you're finding it hard to breathe Wednesday, there are many factors that could contribute to your respiratory issues.

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