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by Marilyn Price-Mitchell, PhD. How community leaders like coaches, clergy, and other mentors influence the development of character strengths in children and teens.

Commitment to family and community is characteristic of Goddard Schools. We make a difference in our communities by participating in local sponsorship as well as charitable outreach programs. The children in our schools learn about the importance of helping others and the significance of giving and being a part of their communities.

By The Goddard School • November 19th, 2014
Are you stuck inside because of the freezing temperatures or the rain? Take a step back from the TV, tablet or video game, and shake up your normal routine. When the weather prevents your children from playing outside, provide them with challenging activities and active games
Have a Board Game Competition.
Hold a board game competition in your living or family room. Spend the day playing different games. You can even compete for prizes.

By The Goddard School • September 12th, 2013
You love to watch your little one playing and learning, and so do Goddard School teachers. Observation is a core method our teachers use to assess what children are learning, when they are ready to learn new tasks and what their interests are. We use these observations to track the children’s progress, develop lesson plans and share the children’s development with their parents
As parents, we often teach our children, yet they can teach us…

By The Goddard School • May 2nd, 2018
We asked you what product or strategy helps streamline your mornings and get you out the door on time. These ideas are serious game changers
I wait until I’m at work to have my coffee. It motivates me to get ready and keeps me from lingering.
— Libby Cutler, Richmond, Virginia
I keep the kids’ socks, shoes, and hair stuff next to the garage door so we don’t have to run around for the last…

Have you found it challenging to capture your preschooler’s attention these days? Many parents try speaking louder or may yell out of frustration. While yelling

By The Goddard School • March 29th, 2018
I used to stand in front of the blender so they couldn’t see. Sautéed zucchini, red and yellow peppers, spinach—I’d throw it all in there quickly with the tomato sauce and breathe a sigh of relief when the crunching would stop and the swirling would begin. Meanwhile, my boys (4 and 6 at the time) would play with their Legos on the kitchen table none the wiser. Sure, I could openly put some veggies on…

By newscred • April 23rd, 2018
It’s never too early to learn about financial responsibility
Working moms already do a great job in leading by example and teaching their kids about the value of hard work, but one mom took things a bit further by actually giving her daughter imaginary bills and checks to teach her some key financial lessons.
Lynn Brooks, a working mom of two from Birmingham, AL, posted her parenting hack on Facebook where it has since been shared more…

“Long days, short years.” How true these words are for parents. Several years ago, a mom with college age children said those words to me, and they resonate

By The Goddard School • March 19th, 2010
Pets enrich the lives of many children and families. While children raised with pets show many benefits, safety concerns should always be a determining factor when deciding to get or keep a pet in a family with young children
Choose wisely from breeds or species that are a good fit for your family, your home and your lifestyle…

Excerpt from Me, Myself and I
Children have an innate appetite for music. Music is the superb para-language between emotion, expression, and imagination. Here in the musical world, feelings come together with play, movement, and memory in a way that is not ultimately dependent on language. And that is precisely why it is so indispensable to the young child across culture and class
All young children…

The best parties tend to just happen—and when they’re really good, people keep coming back. For more than a century, the Neshoba County Fair has been the perfect place to spend the dog days of summer
What started as a meeting of local farmers in 1889 to show livestock and catch up with family and neighbors quickly grew into the premiere event of the year. Today, more than 600 colorful cabins line neighborhoods in this 140-acre site with names such as Happy Hollow,…

The single biggest misconception about sun protection is that it begins -- and ends -- with sunscreen.

In a state known for storytellers, Oxford is a literary capital. The land of William Faulkner will host the Mississippi Bicentennial Celebration North on June 24 at the Gertrude C. Ford Center for the Performing Arts on the University of Mississippi campus. A lineup of hit-making Americana troubadours and legendary songwriters—led by Marty Stuart, Mac McAnally, Steve Azar, Shannon McNally and the We Are Mississippi orchestra and chorus—will lead a celebration in song honoring their home state.

Whether you go for a first date or a weekly date night, check out these unique hangout spots in each region of the state. Ranging from laid back to romantic, you're sure to find the perfect location for a night out on the town
The Burgundy Room - Oxford
Nestled on the historic downtown Oxford Square, this bar is located above Old Venice Pizza Co. With plenty of specials and draft beer, this is the perfect place to people watch on the…

This might be one of the most underrated stretches of coastline in America. Here's why it's worth a trip.

Thursday, May 25, 6 p.m. @ Grimey's New & Preloved Music in Nashville, TN + Facebook Live

Whether you're throwing a birthday party or just getting together with friends, this old-fashioned ice cream social has it all, even a cherry on top.

By The Goddard School • November 13th, 2014
Being a new parent is an exciting, life-changing experience, but it can also be scary. After all, nobody is born knowing how to be Supermom or Superdad. Here are ten helpful tips for first-time parents
Don’t panic. Babies cry, spit up and vomit, which is usually normal. Even if you’re worried, panicking will not help because babies can pick up on anxiety, and it can upset them.
Be gentle but realistic. Supporting your newborn’s head…

Everything important requires work. Hard work. And sometimes there is a long arc between the dream and it’s realization. That’s when we want to quit, but that is also where the work and the transformation occur.

The farm-to-table and local food movements have become national trends, and Mississippi restaurants are ahead of the game. Producing, delivering and serving local products in a way that showcases the food’s natural beauty has become common in almost every corner of the state. Here are some of our best suggestions for eating farm-to-table style
1. Parlor Market – Jackson, Miss
Found in the downtown area of…

"It's much harder to toggle between mom or dad brain and other aspects of life because the boundaries have all blurred together."

Steal our tips and tricks to make baby's first birthday party stress free. A little extra planning before the party will make this a sweet occasion filled with cute birthday decorations and activities. We have everything you need from birthday cupcakes to birthday parthy supplies and everything in between!

Edutopia blogger Nick Provenzano believes there's more to teaching than dispensing curriculum, and he shares three practices that lead students and their families to trust him on a personal level.

OMG, I made my very own candy necklace! Pretty cool huh? You can make these in whatever color you want... mine are pink and purple for Valentine's Day. Alright let's start. This is easy, I promise! Ingredients 4 egg whites 1 cup sugar 1/4 cream of tartar (this is a powder in the spice aisle - makes everything shiny, but it's optional) 1 tsp of flavoring if desired 1 tbs cocoa powder (if you want them to be chocolate flavored) Directions

President Barack Obama welcomed the Chicago Cubs to the White House on Monday to celebrate their World Series win and speak to the power of sports to unite a divided nation.