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A continuously evolving geography requires a good understanding in networks.
As such, this paper accounts for theories and applications of complex networks
and their role both in geography in general, as well as in determining various
geographical network trajectories. It assesses how links between agents lead to
an evolutionary process of network retention, as well as network variation, and
how geography influences these mechanisms.

We present a low-cost, dual-probe position sensor in a mechanical resonance
experiment suitable for deployment in large lab courses with multiple stations
The motion of the two ends of a driven, damped spring oscillator is recorded
with US-100 ultrasonic distance sensors and ESP8266 microcontrollers. Sensor
lag is compensated via a modified Savitzky-Golay filter. Data is downloaded to
a computer via Wi-Fi in a format suitable for…

In an interacting neutrino gas, flavor coherence becomes dynamical and can
propagate as a collective mode. In particular, tachyonic instabilities can
appear, leading to "fast flavor conversion" that is independent of neutrino
masses and mixing angles. On the other hand, without neutrino-neutrino
interaction, a prepared wave packet of flavor coherence simply dissipates by
kinematical decoherence of infinitely many non-collective modes. We reexamine
the dispersion relation for…

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