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14 JULY 2017 8:26 AM
It’s becoming more common for travelers to shop and book trips online, especially via mobile, but the process is still a cause of frustration for many
NEW YORK—Many travelers go online, via desktop or mobile, to shop and book trips, but the process isn’t always seamless. In fact, it can be quite frustrating
During a recent Phocuswright webinar titled “The perfect…

Travelling millennials are part of an exponentially growing market on a global scale. But how do you attract Millennials?

Insights airbnb, detrimental pricing, distribution strategies, millennials, OTAs Four hotelier predictions for the rest of 2017 A great deal of what we read nowadays is predicting how the travel market will change and how hoteliers need to pre-emptively adapt in order to compete.

June 14th, or around that date, there may have been a small algorithm update in Google that webmasters somewhat took notice of. Yes, Google is always updating, they do a MILLION updates every second,

One of the more confusing things around the mobile first index is will page speed be a factor or not when it launches. Google has said no, it won't be and then they said yes it will be.It seems like

So there are two forms:
(A) Someone who takes a piece content from one site and slightly changes it and posts it on their own site.
(B) They take all the content from one page and puts it on their own page but the boiler plate content in the header, footer, etc is different.
We see both of these forms a lot on the web.
Forum discussion at Twitter .

Yesterday we covered how a link seller was trying to sell links to a Googler and we posted some advice around that not being the best idea. Well, later on Gary Illyes confirmed that Google is good at

This historic hotel located in downtown Edgartown, feels anything but old. The suites and rooms are classically New England yet modern wit a nautical twist. ...

There’s nothing quite like summer in the Vineyard. The island’s coastal
charm extends from tranquil, lighthouse-flecked beaches to six seaside
towns, and its thriving culinary scene attracts high-profile celebrities
and residents alike to stylish-yet-casual local restaurants.
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