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United Methodists turn to John Wesley as an authority in many aspects of life. Romantic love, however, should not be one of them.

A recent forum on sexuality at a local United Methodist Church was an effort to support denomination-wide conversations on LGBTQ people.

Donald Glenn O'Neal studied to become a mechanical engineer, but he found a career in electronics. He created electronics that guided missiles and...

When you follow-up with guests, they are more likely to visit again. Here are a few great ways to increase the odds.

If you had to tell the Judeo-Christian story in a word, what would that word be
Love. Grace. Peace. Hope. Joy. Reconciliation. Justification. Resurrection. Forgiveness. Healing. Redemption. All words important to the unfolding narrative. But here is a word I'll bet you didn't think of: "THROUGH."
What? For heaven's sake, what kind of word is that? It's not even an important word like a verb or a noun. It can't even be a subject, predicate or direct object.
"THROUGH"? C'mon. We're talking anchor…