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Spotify has largely opted out of the Apple systems that require fees, specifically because it claims Apple abuses the power of the App Store to stifle rivals.

But beware -- they aren't the finished versions that will launch in the fall.

Your desire for dark mode could lead to dark times. Here's why it's usually better to wait for the final version of new operating systems.

These are the most interesting aspects of Apple's iPad software work-in-progress.

It's not unreasonable to think a future generation of space men (and women) could come from frozen semen.

The Amazon Echo Show 5 combines the best parts of the full-sized Echo Show with a smart alarm clock.

CNET and TV Guide are giving away Apple 4K TVs, gift cards to streaming services and more! Giveaway ends June 30, 2019.

Many of the aircraft at this museum were restored on site. Many of those are even in flyable condition. Here's a look around.

Restored aircraft from the entire history of flight, preserved and restored at this Southern California museum.

What kind of busy are you? Seth Godin wrote in his blog that there are two kinds of busy: “When I’m giving a speech, I don’t have the ability to squeeze in a phone call, think about what’s for dinner or plan tomorrow’s meeting. I’m doing one thing, and it’s taking everything I’ve got. So …