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From cultural performances to informative lecture series, there are numerous ways to celebrate Juneteenth around the city.

This season, high-shine, super-juicy looking lips are definitely in. You know what's not? Formulas that are so sticky, the second a summer breeze picks up you're suddenly dealing with countless strands of hair stuck to your pout. The solution is the…

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Spring/Summer 2019 runways declared turmeric as the unexpected color trend of 2019, so now that the season is in full swing, it's time for this bold hue to shine. Diving head-first into the craze with a monochromatic orange outfit on Thurs.,…

Posted 07/09/2018 by Erick Archer
How do you make a foam polystyrene cup disappear? Put it in an organic solvent such as acetone
What you’ll need:
Container (pie plate, large bowl or bucket).
With gloves on, add the cup to the liquid while applying a little downward pressure.
Notice the polystyrene is dissolving into the acetone.
How it works:
Polystyrene is made up of monomers of styrene, an organic compound (C6H5CH=CH2).
When polystyrene is being produced it exists in a liquid state…

At the rate girls are lining up at the salon for that long-awaited seasonal chop, everyone you know is going to be rocking short hair by the time bikini weather comes around. The latest in the summer haircut saga is Lea Michele's new lob.…

Gov. Greg Abbott signed a bill Friday focused on who can access medical marijuana in Texas.

Tarrant County Sheriff's Office sergeant Keith Shepherd, who died Friday evening after suffering head injuries, was not shot and the cause of the death is still under investigation, police said Saturday.

Arlington police uncovered a teenager's heavy, metal Airsoft replica gun in a stolen car Friday evening.

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In an extract from Phaidon's new survey of contemporary floral design Blooms, we meet the founder of Tulipina, a painterly florist in New York.

Josh Snowhorn's passion for automotive extends far just your average car. His journey to the track began when he was born when his father picked up in the Ja...