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hile foster parents are the agent of change for the children they foster, they need the support and guidance of professionals who are educated about the foster care system.

SCHNECKSVILLE, PA (June 4, 2019) – KidsPeace Foster Care celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2019, and the latest issue of Healing Magazine takes the opportunity to look at the reality – and future – of foster care. Published twice a year, Healing Magazine is KidsPeace’s flagship publication, providing practical and clinical information to families … Continue reading KidsPeace’s Healing Magazine Explores State of Foster Care on 40th Anniversary →

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This document is one in a program produced under an OSHA grant by a consortium of the Laborers' Health and Safety Fund N.A, the International Union of Operating Engineers, the American Road and Transportation Builders Assn, and the National Asphalt Pavement Assn. All of the documents from this set that are on eLCOSH can be found by clicking on Job Site, Heavy construction, and scrolling to the Street & highway heading. Or to download a complete version of the computerized program, go to…

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Truck drivers have a stressful job. Between isolation, extended time away from loved ones, and long hours on the road, long-haul truck drivers are vulnerable to depression. But implementing even one of these prevention strategies can reduce the risk and keep your drivers healthy.

Providing practical, clinical information to families and children’s professionals.

A beginner's guide on everything you need to know about starting an occupational health program, from what work health is to how to increase employee engagement.

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Photo Caption: State Senator Pat Browne (center, with scissors) joined local officials and supporters of KidsPeace in launching the organization’s new “dual-diagnosis” drug and alcohol treatment program at its offices at St. Luke’s Sacred Heart campus in Allentown, Thursday, March 21, 2019. Senator Browne was welcomed by KidsPeace Interim President and CEO Michael Slack (on Browne’s … Continue reading KidsPeace Launches Innovative Addictions Treatment Program in Eastern PA →

Michael Slack has been named interim president and CEO of Schnecksville-based KidsPeace, a nonprofit that provides foster care, residential treatment and psychological services for children around th

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SCHNECKSVILLE, PA (March 18, 2019) – The KidsPeace Board of Directors announced that Michael Slack has been named Interim President and Chief Executive Officer, effective immediately. Slack succeeds William Isemann, who has served as President and CEO of the organization since 2008 and who will transition to the new role of Advisor to the … Continue reading Michael Slack Named Interim President/CEO of KidsPeace →

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