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A lo-fi aesthetic spawned by amateurs spreads to big marketers trying to connect with their audience.

Long after wedding vows have been exchanged, many newlywed couples face the first big decision of married life: how to turn his and hers into theirs.

This checklist can give you a quick snapshot of how prepared you are.

With Diesel Direct providing Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) services and managing your DEF supply, you will save yourself time & money.

Office Depot is launching four new education-focused kits, one of which will teach kids about the wonders of 3D printing thanks to a collaboration with 3Doodler.

There are some key concepts to understand when investing for retirement.

by Gregg Podolski, Direct Hire Manager 4.1%! That is the unemployment rate in New Jersey as of March 2019 and it’s only 3.8% in the United States altogether. Sounds like a broken record, but don’t wait to hire the right candidate! As a recruiter, I always inform my clients and hiring managers that companies need...

Make a reservation conveniently online for any Harvest Seasonal Grill Restaurant. We look forward to seeing you at our table.

What makes a successful open house? We went to the experts and sought out the best tips, tricks, and advice for throwing an unfortable open house.

To be an effective boss you need to focus on your people. That allows them to focus on customers. It's a virtuous circle, and here's how to get it rolling.

The weekly South Jersey Times track and field notebook. In the final week, we take a look back at the Tri-County Conference Championships.

Dogs, like people, produce a thick liquid inside their mouths called saliva. While the production of saliva is normal, excessive production is not.

Little Black Book, Book Shop School of Ads Students Set for One Club Pencils. Two teams from the LA-based programme with chance to be recognised in the Young Ones competition

Contrary to popular belief, shooting 35mm photos and creating a paper magazine aren’t relics of the past, according to a young artist named Finley. “I like being able to touch [...]

Successful entrepreneurs have unlocked the secrets to a winning life. Here's how you can do the same.

Getting the instruments of your retirement to work in concert may go far in realizing the retirement you imagine.

Artists view the world as raw material that can figure into works of art, and they may notice things that others overlook.

Other products: silkscreen, painted
The new Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering Building at Simon Fraser University features an arresting exterior comprising energy-efficient precast concrete and reflective glazing, the latter supplied by Vitrum Glass Group. Designed to mimic electronic circuit boards, the façade posed a challenge to Vitrumâs team…

“Many photographers are afraid to share the back of the scene… I personally like to show how I do my photos with a low budget to show that there are no excuses to make a picture that you have in mind.”

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