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KOLARS is one of those rare acts which descends from another dimension, struts its sequin skin, blares it's unabashed musical thrill ride and leaves audiences with their mouths on the floor. Rob Kolar twists and turns as he sings imaginative lyrics with a raw swagger. He spins his guitar as notes sail and scramble through the room. A presence that embodies elements of Elvis and Marc Bolan with a ragged punky edge. The magnetic, one of a kind, Lauren Brown uses her whole…

Town in News – TIN Report – is a sampling of news media coverage about the Town of Chapel Hill compiled by the Communications and Public Affairs Department. This listing includes articles and columns that are available on the web, and may not necessarily contain all stories in the print edition of the papers or on televised broadcasts
Links access online stories that are posted for…

It's an old saying, time flows away like the water in a river. A comparison that has more to it than you might think at first glance. Whether its a raging torrent or a bubbling backyard brook, both water and time can hide, obscure, and keep us from seeing some of the priceless treasures that lie just beneath the surface. The key to finding them is simply knowing where to look, and when to listen. Cat Clyde, a brand new artist out of…

Many people play roots music, but few modern musicians live those roots like Minnesota's Charlie Parr. Recording since the earliest days of the 21st century, Parr's heartfelt and plaintive original folk blues and traditional spirituals don't strive for authenticity: They are authentic. It's the music of a self-taught guitarist and banjo player who grew up without a TV but with his dad's recordings of America's musical…

In 2019, inspired by what we launched in Read Charlotte’s community-wide movement, we announce a new strategic issue for the next five years: equitable access to effective teachers.

The Town of Carrboro is known for its well-managed growth, commitment to resident input, cultural diversity, activities for everyone, economic base of locally-owned businesses, and walkability for residents and visitors.

Dear Friends and Patrons of Provence
Starting June 30th, a series of documentary films will begin screening and will run through the end of the year. On the last Sunday of every month, a feature film or a block of short documentaries (a short is anything under 30 minutes) will be screened in the main dining room at our restaurant. The filmmakers featured are graduates of…

The Town of Chapel Hill will be holding its annual fireworks celebration in Southern Village this year after previously happening at Kenan Stadium.

The days have gotten hot, and our bakers are making their summer pastries. Local blueberries are in season, and our pastry bakers have begun their annual blueberry pastries: blueberry pies, blueberry scones, blueberry-strawberry shortcakes, blueberry-lemon tarts, and blueberry-lemon quick breads. They’ll also be putting those fresh local blueberries in the blueberry muffins, blueberry danish, blueberry... Continue Reading

There’s plenty to do in Downtown Chapel Hill with live music, comedy, and free valet parking.

Ceramic Painting at Glazed Expectations is perfect for everyone. Paint it yourself, After school classes, and summer camp are available for ages 5 and up.

Wednesday, June 5, 2019
Two teachers and one principal from Edgecombe County Public Schools have been selected to become Opportunity Culture Fellows for the coming year
Casandra Cherry, a multi-classroom leader at Phillips Middle School; Amy Pearce, a multi-classroom leader at North Edgecombe High School, and Jenny O'Meara, principal of Phillips Middle School, have been selected for this honor
They will help make up the fifth…

McDonald’s has a hamburger called the South Carolina Stack, but it’s only available at fast food restaurants in the UK, and it’s made of British and Irish beef with bacon, cheese, and Carolina Gold BBQ sauce.

The Raleigh City Council heard concerns from GoRaleigh bus drivers who marched for better working schedules and a change in management. GoRaleigh began more frequent routes in the southeast and western parts of the city in January.

A study at Duke University found that obese and facially unattractive applicants are less likely to get accepted to medical school residencies. These applicants are half as likely to get an interview.

The Wake County school system’s new Honor Code policy would reserve out-of-school suspensions for cheating and plagiarism to just serious violations such as stealing exam questions. Alternative punishments would be used for less-serious infractions.

Rev. William Barber led a crowd in chanting and singing so loud at the N.C. Legislative Building in 2017 that some staff complained they couldn’t work, the former sergeant-at-arms of the state Senate testified Tuesday.

Haylee Lowry, a teen driver, was behind the wheel when a raccoon jumped onto the hood of her family’s car, according to video from her mom. The 16-year-old thought she had hit the animal, the mom says.

Charles W. Jackson Jr. is the North Carolina winner who won the $344.6 million jackpot in Saturday’s Powerball drawing. The win is the largest lottery jackpot ever won in North Carolina.

8,000 Muslims gather for prayer at the NC State Fairgrounds to celebrate the Eid-ul-Fitr holiday. The event focused on attendees’ month-long efforts to engage with themselves, their community and the religion.

Shelese Clay, an Army veteran from Fayetteville, North Carolina, won a $1 million lottery prize playing the $5,000 Loaded game. She had won $50 and decided to play again. It was the game’s first top prize.

How do you stop a shark attack? Experts say hitting a shark on the tip of the nose, in the eye or in the gills will stop it from biting you, at least temporarily. Follow these tips to make beach trips safer.

North Carolina basketball coach Roy Williams has a goal to raise $1 million at a Coaches vs. Cancer golf tournament in Pinehurst to benefit the American Cancer Society and the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

Amid a wave of national abortion laws, Planned Parenthood cut the ribbon for a new Charlotte, NC abortion clinic. The opening comes as abortion clinics are threatened in Missouri and other states.