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Scot Harper, SLH Group president and Saama advisory board member, writes for Clinical Leader about how AI-informed Virtual Assistants are changing clinical development.

Eschewing a life of comfort, PK Muraleedharan wholeheartedly embraced uncertainty, discomfort & risks for the welfare, upliftment & education of Muthuvans.

At first it was a collective gasp of outrage on Twitter from diehard comedy fans in the Bay Area and beyond. Then came the star power to try and save a beloved San Francisco institution — a place that has...

For decades, the rule of thumb for average time a family moved in the United States was once every five years.Now that's changed. In the first quarter of 2

A key congressional committee has already gained access to President Donald Trump’s dealings with two major financial institutions, two sources familiar with the House probe tell NBC News, as a court ruling...

Everything you share on the internet is a story. You read blog posts and watch videos that make you feel connected to people across the world. Virtual Reality has made ...

Twitter is definitely a place you can always have fun regardless of the time and the topic! People tweet random things all the time and some of them go viral, just like the 'I don't

Saama launched its new Product Guarantee as the vanguard of this challenge, pledging to its biopharmaceutical partners a 4-week timeline for activation.

Girl Scouts are one of the few non-military organizations that can perform flag ceremonies! So if you’re thinking of incorporating the Stars and Stripes into your next Girl Scout event, here’s what…

A nightclub is to throw open its dancefloor and stage a unique event for those living with disabilities.

The approaching busy wedding season is an optimal time to step up our game, so to speak,

Cirimelli, Pyle & Associates LLP provide a full range of accounting services to clients including tax planning, financial statement preparation, budgeting & forecasting.