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Creating the right corporate culture protects companies from sexual harassment claims. Learn how to discourage sexual harassment in the workplace.

Anxiety disorders are found in children much more often than many people realize; ten to twenty percent of all children will suffer the symptoms of a full-fledged anxiety disorder prior to the age of 18, making this the most common mental health issue in young people.

The truth about whether eggs are healthy, why we dye eggs for Easter, and more.

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Reduce your wait for emergency care. EvergreenHealth's 24/7 emergency room in Redmond, WA offers online appointment scheduling. The ER is staffed by physicians board certified in emergency medicine.

Nuclear medicine technology and PEZ candy have little in common. Take a look at the extensive PEZ collection of EvergreenHealth’s Jennifer Whiteley.

That's right. A new study found you can get sick from someone in the next row over or up to two seats away, but not any further. Here's how to help if you are flying over the holidays.

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Fireworks Licensing
In Washington State, any person who desires to engage in the manufacture, importation, sale, or use of fireworks in a public display must be licensed by the Washington State Fire Marshal’s Office
License Types
There are four types of fireworks licenses that are issued by the State Fire Marshal’s Office
• Who to Call to Dispose of Unused or Unsafe Fireworks (Coming Soon)

Looking to grab a dog, maybe some beer, and check out a local fireworks displays? There are more than 100 public fireworks displays throughout the state and dozens in Western Washington.

Available veteran scholarships dwindled once Marine veteran Jeremiah Braudrick was out of the service, but finding the VFW’s “Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship” was the game-changer he needed.

We’re in the middle of flu season, and everyone knows theres no better place to catch the disease than on an airplane on your way to that vacation you’ve been looking forward to for months.

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