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Sure, digging in the dirt benefits your soil—but your mind, body, and soul make out pretty well, too.

Though the F-35’s home is in the skies, components of the aircraft’s development and production happen right on the ground across the commonwealth of Australia. Today, Australian suppliers are making significant contributions that continue to drive the F-35 program forward and yield positive economic and industrial benefits for Australia. As a program partner, Australia’s role in the F-35 program is significant, with more than 50 Australian…

The Philadelphia 76ers have brought Safety Tag's mobile platform for making real-time medical and safety information to its youth camps.

While there is no shortage of predictions on what we can expect for next year, industry experts have identified seven technologies that will define 2017. This is a two-part analysis of the technology that will have a broader impact and use in the upcoming year.

It has been 97 years since the United States first celebrated Veterans Day. On Nov. 11, 1919, the holiday, which originated as Armistice Day, marked the first anniversary since the end of World War I.
Congress passed a resolution in 1926 marking Armistice Day as an annual observance. Twelve years...

Take a walk around NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft less than three weeks before its Sept. 8 launch on top of an Atlas 5 rocket. Rich Kuhns, the mission’s program manager from Lockheed Martin, points out some of the major features on the probe
Lockheed Martin built the OSIRIS-REx spacecraft and will oversee mission operators after it blasts off next month. OSIRIS-REx is the first U.S. asteroid sample…

Filling the skill gap and work-force diversity were hot topics at the groundbreaking of Metropolitan State University Denver’s $60 million Aerospace and Engineering Sciences (AES) building last fall.