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Want some of the perks of Adobe Photoshop without having to pay the hefty price tag? Adobe does allow some limited downloads of Photoshop software without the need to pay upfront or pay monthl fees. Here's our guide on how to get Photoshop CS2 completely free of charge, and what you need to know.

Internal Telus documents obtained by 'MobileSyrup' indicate the carrier plans to increase the price of its U.S. Easy Roam plan to $8 per day.

AT&T and Verizon are the largest telecommunications companies on the Forbes Global 2000 list, an annual ranking of the world's largest public companies.

We note that this is a period on the Jewish calendar when we count. We count days. It began at the second seder and every night we say a blessing and count what’s called an Omer of grain. It’s a very ancient practice. It connects Passover, the celebration of liberation, and Shavuot, the fulfillment of our freedom with a law. But the counting also has agricultural meaning. The Omer offering was an expression of gratitude for the harvest
What can this possibly mean…

No effect on risk of developing breast cancer, follow-up data from Women's Health Initiative shows

Samsung Galaxy S10 5G speed tests carried out on Verizon in Chicago have shown that the device and service are capable of delivering blazing speeds – when you can manage to get a 5G signal. And the…

adidas supplies a '90s-inspired sneaker that's both bold and eccentric for your everyday style. The White and Royal Yung-96 Shoes boast a mixed media upper, a lightweight midsole for all day wear, and a wide, chunky silhouette that's distinctly '90s.

Cybersecurity, data security and data privacy continue to be hot topics for all market segments, including Commercial Real Estate (CRE) companies.

"The team at Glotzer & Kobren are just great!!! Finding people that you can trust is almost impossible today. These men are highly ethical, highly experienced, and very professional. I cannot recommend a better team!!!!"
Andrea T. July 13, 2016

Stop Trademark Theft Online at this Saturday’s BRANDING, TRADEMARK & BUBBLES SEMINAR Has your trademark been copied online or on social media? Have you seen others using your brand and ta…

Email is a mature technology, but threats targeting email are evolving and getting more sophisticated. 97%1 of ransomware attacks come from email. That’s why there are so many email security vendors and solutions in the market offering different types of technologies and coverages. Picking the best email security solution for an organization can be overwhelming....

Greg Cryan, President, CBIZ SE Property and Casualty Insurance, discusses the reasons why businesses should include their insurance broker a key part of their risk management team.

About Boca Behind the Scenes: The City of Boca Raton recently launched its new podcast series, “Boca Behind the Scenes.” The bi-weekly, 10 to 15-minute segments feature information and updates on City projects, programs, events and services, and are told by the people who know them best: our City staff
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This team of 5 amazing products is on sale all May long so come in ASAP and try these out! You won’t be disappointed.

Find golf courses, get golf instruction or research golf clubs. PGA.com has everything you need for your game and full coverage of the PGA of America Championships.

Weekday Minyan
Mincha/Ma'ariv - Sunday - Thurs. 5:30 p.m
Glassman Chapel
Manny Alboher
Main Sanctuary
TLC - Hurricane Preparedness Project
Hurricane season is quickly approaching and The Jacobson Family Food Pantry is assembling hurricane preparedness packages. Please consider picking up granola bars, peanut butter crackers or canned tuna the next time you are at the store. They are frequently on sale or BOGO (buy one get…

Economics 101 teaches us that time can be quantified in dollars and cents, and that if you want to measure the value of your time—i.e., your opportunity cost—start by looking at your hourly wage.

Date: Jun 04, 2019 - Jun 04, 2019
Time: noon - 1:00 p.m
A Virtual Minyan? Communal Prayer in the Digital Age
A webinar with Rabbi Daniel Nevins, Pearl Resnick Dean of The Rabbinical School and Dean of the Division of Religious Leadership
Tuesday, June 4, 2019
Noon–1:00 p.m. ET
Judaism places great value on communal prayer, mandating that we pray with others whenever possible. But what does it mean to pray in community? Are we really connecting if we make a minyan…

This sport coat is made from pure cotton seersucker with a touch of stretch woven in Italy. Offered in our Regent fit. Three-button top-over with vents and flap patch pockets. Half-lined. Dry clean. Imported.

Many have become used to BocaWatch publishing stories on current events, much of which includes matters associated with development and government. We try to approach issues with a “resident responsible” analysis of what good governance should be. As part of this process BocaWatch contributors, including myself, look at public records, agendas and ongoing news stories. Our purpose is informing our audience, Boca's residents, of what is…

Red Reef Park is a dishonest name. It used to represent what was there, a beautiful natural reef. Don't bother coming to it if you expect to snorkle a reef - there isn't one there. Boca's decision makers collectively choose to kill it. There was a reef. Now it's dead. We should be honest about the name. Maybe we can't because of some 'rat's mouth' curse. We shouldn't be calling it Red Reef Park because it isn't even red any more like it…

“What sort of quality are we seeking here?” That’s the question marketing hall-of-famer Seth Godin contends is most important when doing work. Where some see quality as meeting specifications, others define quality by deluxeness, or even right effort – how much you gave of your abilities to create s

The news is full of stories about the President’s tax returns and whether Congress can obtain them.

May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month; a meaningful month for many people as they work hard to spread awareness, take time to educate others, and use this opportunity to share their own personal stories on how Lyme disease has affected themselves and their families. It is now common knowledge that Lyme disease is the fa

You can actually avoid rework by tracking rework—this could be as simple as attaching notes to the schedule wherever rework crops up.

Students at List College pursue a rigorous, synergistic, and rewarding curriculum in Jewish studies at JTS, and in the liberal arts and sciences at either Columbia University or Barnard College
Each List College student pursues a comprehensive core curriculum in Jewish Studies, and chooses a major field in which to specialize. Majors can range from Bible to Modern Jewish Studies, and from Jewish Ethics to Midrash…

HRB 143, issued on May 10, 2019, provides guidance an insight on the following topics:
Current Status of ACA Lititgation
Murky Future of Associations Health Plans (AHPs)
Benefit and Payment Parameters for 2020
Extended Transition Period for ACA Compliant Policies

M2M technology forms the core of IIoT systems for maintaining smart factories and building smart cities.