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It's so often challenging to sort through all the information found online. How can a person tell if the information is from a reliable source? And from an Ex

Whether you're reserved or a networking phenom, here are the best career options for introverts and extroverts according to career experts.

When you were in school, did you ever notice how some students needed a full week and weekend to prepare for an...

A maelstrom of economic and demographic forces are hammering Wisconsin's dairy farmers. But what's causing such exceptional distress in one of the state's iconic industries?

No soap and water? Try hand sanitizers. Published on April 12, 2019 by Barb Ingham Washing your hands is one of the most important things you can do to

News and Resources for Wisconsin Agriculture from the University of Wisconsin-Madison

The truth is that you will seek what you set yourself up to seek and you will find what you set yourself up to find. This is why framing is so powerful. Take advantage of these top10 tips that will ensure successful decision-making when dealing with problem-solving.

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Set on a prime location on the Wisconsin River, Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center provides educational opportunities to youth, youth leaders, and adults through programs that study both the natural and cultural history of Wisconsin. Our innovative technology programs connect students to their environment through the use of new and exciting educational programs and cutting-edge mobile technology tools. This outdoor laboratory is a home for all…

Author(s): Teryl R. Roper The high cost of establishing an orchard necessitates cropping the trees early and harvesting the maximum amount of quality fr

A study has concluded that voluntary turnover in this country is 'self-inflicted' and could be easily avoided.

March’s unemployment rate stayed at 3.8%, the same as in February. The civilian labor force participation is at 63.0%, down slightly from 63.2% in February.

Making maple syrup is a time-honored tradition in many parts of Wisconsin, and it is as much of an art as a science. Even though sap does run in other trees suc

Author(s): Teryl R. Roper For fruit to develop, pollen must be transferred from the anther to the stigma. Find out which crops require pollen from the f

Help Grandpa C. Tails answer all the Easter trivia questions!

Getting back into the workforce after an extended period of absence can be a daunting and tricky task.

Kevin Shelley, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Nutrient and Pest Management Program. Tour of cover crop demonstrations plots. Species list follows. Medium R...

Information addressing considerations for the best time to calve beef cattle in Wisconsin and management decisions involved with changing one calving season to

Lovingly restored by its owner of the past 25 years, this muscle car is 1 of 989 four-speed cars. The Dodge Challenger is a muscle car icon, and this rare model found on eBay is a shining example of what a well-looked after model can be. Appearing as fresh as the day it rolled out of the showroom,

It’s well-documented that mutual gaze can be emotionally intense and distracting, even uncomfortably so for some.

The Wisconsin 4-H Quiz Bowl and Skillathon contests were both held on March 2 at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

Mental health days are genuinely important. Experts say these nine signs mean you're in need of one.

To be successful at a career fair, there are several things you should do before you go and while you're there.

Get ready for flavor when you use herbs fresh from your garden or the farmer's market. There are all kinds of herbs used for cooking, fragrance, medicinally, or in crafts. Read about some culinary herbs you might want to grow or use in these archived articles:

A set of hand held pruners should be in every gardener’s tool kit but selecting the right pair can be a challenge with an overwhelming selecti

Ever since the Romans built the Pantheon 2,000 years ago, concrete has helped spread civilization. Now, microbiologist Henk Jonkers has found a way to ensure it does crack, crumble, or corrode.

Bob Dudley, group chief executive, CERAWeek, Houston 12 March 2019.
Bob Dudley discusses how the energy industry’s future will be defined by its response to concerns over climate change. Reducing emissions while meeting rising demand for energy to support human progress requires a pragmatic approach. For this approach to succeed, global energy companies need to maintain shareholder confidence and earn society’s trust that we share the common goal of a low carbon future.