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The following is a transcript of Julie Sweet’s commencement address to the University of Texas McCombs School of Business MBA Class of 2019, delivered on May 24, 2019. Hello.

There is a significant benefit to not being able to speak out on public policy issues: It forces you to listen to those who hold contrary positions and consider alternative viewpoints.

Find out from Future Force, one of the leading, local office staffing agencies, on how to help your employees be more successful at work.

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Every year, it seems that technology gives us a new method of connecting with people via our smartphones, or laptops. Whether it’s a social network, podcast or messaging service, it’s invariably hyped as the new best way to communicate and will change the way you do business
Of course, some of these trends really are great and destined to stay. But when it comes to timeless…

Cleanup at historic Kirkwood site has been a hurdle, but bars and restaurants are expected to debut in not-too-distant future.

According to the Georgia State Patrol said that a male was driving a Honda Accord in the southbound lanes of Interstate 95 in McIntosh County. The Honda struck a Volvo and both vehicles became disabled on the shoulder of the road.

"You have people on both sides of that," said the president, who called for the death penalty of the five teens in 1989.

Celebrate your health and our country's independence at one of these red, white and blue Fourth of July races.

New research finds that landlords rarely intend to evict tenants when they file for eviction. Instead, they do so to recoup late rent and gain leverage.

Thanks to a generous gift by the Woodruff Foundation, construction on a new Winship Cancer Institute tower at Emory University Hospital Midtown will start later this year with completion expected in 2023. The building is proposed to be 17 stories tall, with 455,000 square feet of space. This facility will enable Winship to further fulfill its mission of lessening the burden of cancer in Georgia in alignment with The Winship Way, a project that takes a fresh look at cancer care, with an…

After serving our country as a Captain in the U.S. Air Force and Air National Guard, Tadia Whitner brought invaluable leadership and legal expertise to her work as a prosecutor, private attorney, and judge for municipal and juvenile court, Gov. Brian Kemp said. Now, I am honored to appoint her to the Gwinnett Judicial Circuit Superior Court.

'Experience a beloved fairy tale in a whole new way in this fun and funky puppet show adaptation of the classic story that sets it in a modern-day city complete with alley cats, beauty shops and exercise videos! Perfect for kids of all ages (but witty enough that the adults will enjoy it, too), Jon Ludwig’s Beauty and the Beast shows that trash can be turned into treasure and true love always prevails. With catchy, original tunes and a running time of just…

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Washington-based Medical Lake Veterinary Hospital shared a post to warn dog owners of the dangers of paw pad burns.

The freeze front creates an unusual liquid flow on the surface of the soap bubbles, new research suggests.

Police said an Indiana man posed as a millionaire online, established a relationship with a teen in Alaska and convinced the girl to kill her friend.

President Trump’s kickoff of his 2020 campaign showed that his portrait of the country is still bleak — and that he needs an opponent beyond Hillary Clinton.

Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity Apparel and Phi Kappa Tau Members Gear from the tremendous Phi Kappa Tau Members fan store. Our Phi Kappa Tau Apparel and merchandise shop will help fans prepare for football, basketball, baseball, and lacrosse season.

Lean muscle is one of the best ways to beat weight gain. Find out how.

For a man who wants to be seen as an outsider despite occupying the Oval Office, the rally on Tuesday night presented an opportunity to, at least for one night, turn the clock back to 2015.

Petra Costa’s documentary chronicles the impeachment of one president, the imprisonment of another and the triumph of authoritarian politics.

When children's literature is done right, it connects with us on some visceral, primal level -- somewhere beyond conscious thought -- delivering...

Donald Trump's supporters arrived early to get prime seats for the Orlando rally, waiting beneath cloudy skies and enduring heat and humidity.

Your kid needs a lot of stuff at summer camp. We’re breaking down the best tips for packing quickly and efficiently.

Vision To Learn, a national non-profit providing free eye exams and free eyeglasses for children, has added two visits at Cobb County Public Libraries in July.

Givling, Dave Ramsey's EveryDollar, ChangEd, EvoShare, Qoins, and Unbury.me are just some of the tools to help you get out of student loan debt faster.

Who doesn’t love making signs and getting angry with other people? Rage is a stronger social lubricant than alcohol, and it’s free!

Police are trying to track down the driver of a vehicle that hit a woman and two children at an Atla...

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