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Booker is embarking on a four-day tour through the first presidential caucus state of Iowa, beginning Friday.

VR Systems sells software and electronic poll books that are used throughout Florida and in seven other states.

An infrastructure meeting imploded, budget talks stalled and a disaster aid deal only barely survived.

HUD said the proposal would give more leeway to shelter providers on the admission of people who “may misrepresent their sex.”

More than 260 million passengers are expected to come through airport checkpoints between the Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends.

Tell us one thing you’d do—if you could do anything—to change transportation for the better.

The campaigns are telegraphing which states they’re prioritizing and which ones they don’t think they can win.

It’s been a great five years here at Arlington Independent Media, but the time has come for me to move on from the DMV. When I started in September 2012, I was fairly new to the Arlington area. As Membership Coordinator, I got to immerse myself in many aspects of Arlington Independent Media. I got a lot of inspiration by taking the Introduction to Community Media class because it showed me all the opportunities AIM can offer
From Elaine: For my final FAIM…

The president called off bipartisan negotiations on infrastructure after the speaker accused him of a "cover-up."

President Trump and Democrats in Congress should set aside their differences on investigations and work together to fund desperately needed infrastructure improvements.

This is an alleged process crime on top of an alleged process crime, all stemming from an investigation that Trump had the power to stop it but never did.

Bishop Michael F. Burbidge announced the appointment of four new pastors effective June 27, except where noted differently. Father Juan Espino will become pastor of Queen of Apostles Church in Alexandria; Father Edwin E. Perez will become pastor of Our Lady of the Valley Church in Luray; the Very Reverend Patrick L. Posey, V.F., will become rector of the Cathedral of St. Thomas More in Arlington; and Father Paul D. Scalia will become pastor of St. James Church in Falls Church.

Arolsen Archives makes available details and artifacts of about 2.2 million people, including Nazi concentration camp prisoner cards and death notices

When it comes to public park systems, Arlington’s ranks near the top among the nation’s 100 largest cities, according to the latest ParkScore® rankings.

The tax advantages that come with a 529 plan can save your family lots of money.

Arlington County Government sent this bulletin at 05/22/2019 11:00 AM EDT
MAY 22, 2019
Work zone map - Stations marked with a "C" will be closed this summer
Starting this Saturday, May 25, six Blue and Yellow line Metrorail stations south of National Airport will be closed for full platform reconstruction and major station improvements
Braddock Rd
In addition to local bus services, Metro will provide…

The Nature Conservancies recent report is a global assessment of humans urban growth impact on natural habitat and biodiversity

The National Collaborative on Childhood Obesity Research (NCCOR) marks 10 years of providing assistance to researchers and practitioners.

DH Biomedical Inc. is a full service biomedical equipment sales and service company. Our sales and service teams cover all of Florida and most of the south east. We are a the authorized factors sales and service dealer for many brands chosen with the spicific intention to be able to rapidly deploy all the required and needed equipment for new and renovating surgery center and hospital surgical care and SPD areas. We proudly sell and service the following brands: Tri-Tech - Medical Gas…

The tropics lost 12 million hectares of tree cover in 2018, the third-highest annual loss since record-keeping began in 2001. Of greatest concern is the disappearance of 3.6 million hectares of primary rainforest, an area the size of Belgium

The former vice president’s vow to find common ground with Republicans likely needs a reality check.

Here’s what to know about the different accounts that will help you save for your kid’s college.